A Weekend with Bonjour Luce

So here it is, my YouTube channel again. This time I'm not promising a new video every week, they will come and go as they are, just like my blog posts. A beauty video may pop up every now and then, but with the ideas in my head, I want to be a lot more creative. You'll be seeing a lot more of me out and about in the videos, rather than just on my bed alone. 

After watching so many creative videos from the likes of Hello October, Cider with Rosie, Fun for Louis, Viviannadoesmakeup and JacksGap, I'm a lot more inspired nowadays. So here it goes again, here is a short little vlog to start!

Luce x

Are Beauty Videos For Me?

As you may or may not know, I started a YouTube video this year and have predominately been posting about beauty. I write a beauty blog so it made sense to include beauty videos alongside it. But the same as my blog, I knew it wasn't right and have wanted to include a little more lifestyle into the content. So I'm wondering whether beauty videos are right for me…

I watch more YouTube videos than TV shows and I love nothing more than watching some of my favourite videos on an evening. I have friends who are YouTubers and I admire them so much, because I know how much hard work they put into making their videos A* quality. There are a lot of expectations nowadays for such good quality videos now and I feel as though mine were lacking that, because I wasn't 100% passionate about them. I wanted them to be a reflection of my blog, but it never turned out to be right. I need to be 100% sure about something to follow it through till the end and I'm unsure about this hurdle.

I've been feeling the same about my blog, as much as I love beauty, it's not everything so I've been introducing a lot more lifestyle into it. So that's why I think lifestyle videos would fit me more. I'm not talking daily vlogs here because I have tried to walk down a street recording myself and it ain't that easy. But maybe a different take on a vlog, a follow me around video if I do something interesting. 

So now I ask you something, what videos do you like to see the most? 

Luce x