The Outfit: It's a 'Wednesday Addams' Wednesday

Black turtle neck from H&M - £7.99
Black faux leather skirt from H&M - £19.99
Gold chain from H&M - £7.99
Revlon Vixen on  my nails - £5

Great news, I now have a working tripod and a place to shoot, if you can excuse the vile carpet I have in my halls. On Friday, I have an interview for something very exciting and I needed to go with the 'smart' approach for my outfit. I put this outfit together last week and knew straight away that I wanted to wear this, I just had to find shoes at the time to go with. I do wear a lot of black clothing, normally just jeans but this is a whole new level for me, hence the title. 

I've been wanting a black turtle neck for a while now as I think they look so warm, especially for the snow what is fast approaching. Put together with a black faux leather skirt, it was screaming for me to buy it. So of course I did. I'd sort of always looked at faux leather skirts but never thought much of them as they never really suited my body shape, that was until I found this piece. The gold chain was a little add on last minute as I have a thin chain what I could have worn but I think this adds a little bit more. For the shoes, I've been wanting a pair of good quality black brogues for a while as they're a staple item. I think these with the buckle over the laces makes them a little more on trend rather than your classic lace ups.

What do you think of it? Good enough to make an impression in my interview?

Luce x

The Outfit: New Years Eve

Tom Ford Lipstick in True Coral - £36

Topshop over load much? But it's New Year's Eve and I'm heading out with my sister and friends tonight. I bought this crop top back in June and I love it, although it has shrunk quite a lot in the wash since! That's what you get when you buy Topshop clothes though I guess. I bought this skirt a few weeks back and had to buy the smaller size because Topshop sizes have changed yet again, has anyone else noticed that? They are never true to what it says on the label! 

I know it's going to be cold on the night but I don't think we'll be going many places. Plus, I'm wearing my super cosy tights from Primark on the bottom with my flat boots (heels are a no go for me nowadays). I'm unsure what to do with my make up, this make up was my way of slapping something on for these photographs! I went for a bold lip the other night so maybe a smokey eye instead. 

I hope everyone has a good night whatever they are doing, whether that's out with your friends and family or simply staying in for the night in the warmth. 

Do you have any plans to get dressed up for tonight?

Luce x

The Outfit: Winter at Somerset House

Vintage gold chain

So on Thursday, as a Christmas treat, my sister took me to Somerset House to see the Valentino Exhibition. It's open till early March so I suggest that anyone living in London or visiting London, visit it as it's amazing! You walk on a runway whilst the dresses are placed where the guests would usually sit. You see many dresses worn by people throughout the years, plus dresses which have never been worn and were made purely because he wanted to make it. Let's face it, the man is a genius.

If you're in England right now, you'll understand how cold it is (plus its going to be hitting the minuses next week) so a winter coat is a must. I've been looking for the perfect coat for a few weeks now because all of the ones I liked cost a ridiculous amount of money and were very thin material and clearly was not going to keep me warm. That was until I found this piece in Pull & Bear, a shop I rarely venture into. I saw it, looked at it and thought 'yeah I like it', walked out of the shop and immediately went back into buy it as I couldn't let it go. Grey goes with any colours so I don't need to worry about it when I'm wearing different outfits. The collar is a fake sheepskin fur which I just want to stroke it constantly because it's so soft!

The boots are also another addition to my wardrobe. I did buy the Topshop version of these boots but I had to return them twice (yes, it happened twice!!) because the sole started to come off in the wet weather so I was not happy. So I saw these in the Oxford Circus Flagship store and swapped them. Definitely more hard wearing than the Topshop versions. 

I was being dangerous wearing a dress in the cold weather but I think it works best with these boots. What do you think, would you wear dresses in winter?

Luce x

The Outfit: Velvet In The Stairwell

On the very top of my christmas list is a tripod as it's getting a little tedious having to balance my camera on top of shelves with books underneath that. Until then, I have assigned my flat mate the task of becoming my 'Outfit of the Day' photographer, something which I don't think she's that happy with!
Yesterday morning, my sister and I decided that we were going to book tickets to see Breaking Dawn at the IMAX (which may I add is AMAZING, totally impressed with both the IMAX cinema and the movie itself!), so me being me decided that I wasn't going to get ready until the last minute and then decide I wanted some pictures of the outfit. Thinking of a place to photograph me with a plain background in student halls is quite tricky, keeping in mind that nearly all of the walls have a fire exit sign on. So this is how we ended up in the stairwell, a place we only ever venture at 3am when the fire alarm is going off - not a pleasant thing to hear in the night.

Oversized boyfriend blazer - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Topshop

Bag - Topshop
Tshirt - H&M

Velvet trousers - Topshop

It took us a few attempts to get a photograph which showed the detailing of the trousers, which is why I bought the trousers in the first place. I have the black Leigh jeans from Topshop and I love them so much and will wear them with everything. I also have some black riding pants from H&M, which are identical to the J Crew Pixie Pants! So in the black trousers department, I thought I was done, that was until I saw these bad boys! I saw these on the website and quite liked the look of them, but I told myself that I really didn't need any more black trousers. But for £28 (£25 with student discount), I thought that was reasonably priced for Topshop. They feel like thick leggings what actually keep you warm in the winter, they don't have any pockets or buttons on the front, however they do have a gold zip down the side, which is how you get them on and off. For the winter and for something different, I love them! They can make a simple outfit look a bit more interesting.
What's your staple item for the winter?

Luce x