The Notes: Blush & Glasses

Sleek Blush - £4.99 // Glasses* - $46

My first ever blusher and a new pair of glasses, two of the latest things to grace my face. Before a few weeks ago, I never thought blush was an option for me as I already have naturally rosy cheeks, but after a trip to Superdrug my mind was changed. I'd heard that the Sleek Rose Gold blusher was a dupe for NARS Orgasm and for £4.99, I thought 'why the heck not'. On these pictures, it's very lightly applied because if I apply too much, I feel like I went over board with the 'just stepped out in the cold air' look. To avoid this look, I pop it onto the tops of my cheeks, in the same place I'd apply highlight. I like it now but I have a feeling once my skin is more bronzed in the summer!

Next up are my glasses which are from Firmoo and they are the style CP6061, which look like a classic wayfarer except they're not as thick and they have a thinner frame. I do actually need glasses to read and for the computer, but I'm silly and never used to wear mine. This was because I always had one pair of glasses which I didn't really like as they were seriously lame as I picked them years ago, I always lusted after 'cool' glasses. My eyes have been getting worse over the past few months, meaning I really did need to start wearing them again so when this opportunity came along, I jumped on it. Firmoo are an American brand but they ship worldwide for free, which is great for us British people. They have a very large range of optical and sun glasses. As you're placing the order, you're able to pop in all of your measurements for your eyes (which I had to gather myself by getting my friend to measure the distance between my eyeballs) and the strength you'd need the lens, or if you want them for a look, you can get just plain. Plus if you sign up to their site, every new customer gets their first pair of glasses for free, which you can find more out here.

What has been your favourite purchase recently?

Luce x

The Notes: Treat Your Mother This Sunday

1. REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask // 2. Bunch of spring flowers // 3. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Candle & Jo Malone Blackberry & Bag Cologne // 4. Charbonnel et Walker Pink Mark de Champagne // 5. Aerin Spring Style Palette.

This coming Sunday it's a day to appreciate our Mothers who have always been there since we were born. I asked on Twitter to see if people would like to see my pick of gifts for all Mothers out there and there were quite a few of you who were interested to see what I would choose. When picking what to put in this list, I thought of my own Mum and what she would like, although at times she's impossible to buy for, I'd buy her something I know she'd appreciate. However, I haven't included what I've got for my Mum as I know she'll be having a peek at my blog this week so I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Starting off with the REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, which is available from Liberty, it's a renewal mask which will leave the skin glowing and fresh. Now that's something I'm sure everyone wants to have so who wouldn't love that? It's suitable for all skin types so no worries about that. Something simple which will always brighten up someones day, a bunch of spring flowers, pick your Mum's favourite flowers and have them delivered the day before to give to her in the morning. Jo Malone is a luxury brand which I know my Mum personally loves. Although they're a little pricey, the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Candle smells divine, we have it burning in the living room as my sister bought it for my mum at Christmas. Rather than purchasing the exact scent in the cologne, why not go with a different one, like the Blackberry & Bay which was brought out last autumn. Chocolates, every woman loves chocolates right? Rather than sticking with a box of Thorntons, go for something a little more luxurious like these Pink Champagne chocolates. Since it's a beauty blog, I had to add a little make up item into the mix. Aerin Lauder launched her line last fall which would reflect all items which you'd need in your make up bag every day. The Spring Style Palette in Garden in Bloom has a soft pink blush with three neutral eyeshadows in there. It will add a little fresh spin on a woman's beauty routine. 

I hope this has given you a little insight on the things I think any woman would love as a gift, now you tell me what you're going to be doing for Mother's day?

Luce x

The Notes: Street Style @ LFW

On my first day at London Fashion Week, I took the opportunity to take photographs of people who I thought dressed very well. It was amazing meeting Andy from Style Scrapbook and getting to ask her some questions, which in the end I learnt that she cannot live without MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation and Clarins moisturiser! I also bumped into Zoe from London Lipgloss and Emma from milkteef to take their photograph, I ended up seeing them a few other times and they have an impeccable dress sense. 

Luce x

The Notes: Tahir Sultan @ LFW

"Lost in the Sands of Time - Autumn/Winter 13 delves into the excitement that travelling has to offer. The collection draws inspiration from the Thaar desert in India with a side of 1940s glamour. A lot of the cuts are very masculine yet empower women so that they bring their strong but sensual side. Greys and brows add power to the more feminine blues. The prints are timeless and the embroidery inspired from both Syria and India. The collection is a celebration of chic. And the knits add a modern layer of relaxed sophistication. The clothes implore women to go out play and discover the explorer within."

Last Tuesday night I saw Tahir Sultan at the Fashion Scouts Hall, after already attended a show there earlier that day, I was impressed with the hall. I arrived with Gemma, handed Snog fro-yo as we were walking in and was surprised with front row seats. From the beginning to the end, you're able to see the matching suits and masculinity what has been added into the clothes. As you can see from other shows too, matching suits is definitely in for A/W. The make up was a strong smokey eye with a red lip, adding a feminine side to all of the look. 

Back in the north relaxing at the moment but come early this week, I'll be back into the swing of things!

Luce x