The Autumn Edit

Rather than doing a favourites this month, since I've been using the same things as last month, I decided to show you what products I'm going to be using non stop throughout the autumn months. I've been having more make-up free days than days when I wear it but hopefully that will stop soon as there are lots of products I'm dying to start using again.

I'm going back to a base with a little more coverage, so Bobbi Brown BB Cream is coming back out along with the Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick for those little blemishes. I love this combination so much but the BB cream was a little too heavy for me in the winter. I'm sticking with the bronzed look though, so The Body Shop Honey Bronzer* is going to keep me from looking pale in the cold months. I recently hit pan on my Benefit Hoola Bronzer, which is a fair few years old now! For the eyes, I picked up a new mascara, Revlon Grow Luscious, except I didn't realise this was the waterproof one. I need to start wearing eyeshadow more often as I have so many, yet they're hardly used. The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes in Bronze* are a new addition, as I can't stay away from a little shimmer on the eyes. For the lips, I'm going dark as I'm keeping the eyes neutral. Model Co have brought out some new lipsticks in collab with Birchbox, the Party Proof Matte Lipsticks are calling my name, especially the Red Velvet* shade. 

For the nails, I am obsessed with Essie Mademoiselle for my fingers and I'm bringing OPI Royal Rajah Ruby for my toes. My mum has used that colour for a long time now, so when they discontinued it we hunted it down online and bought too many bottles of it. To keep the base of my make up still very radiant, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm* is a great moisturiser to give my skin a dewy look. It's the first beauty flash balm I've tried, but I'm glad it doesn't have a 'pearlesque' look to it as I didn't want that. To stop the ends of my hair from drying out, especially as I need my blonde dip-dye done again soon, Bumble & Bumble Quenching Complex* has been great for daily use on dry hair.

Would you like to see what skincare I'm going to be using throughout the colder months?

Luce x

The Edit: The Mani Pedi Essentials

I've only just got into painting my nails. When I was a younger I had a habit of biting my nails, which now looking back is gross, but even in my teens, I would rarely paint them. So since starting to look after my nails, I now have a good selection of colours which mainly consist of Essie & OPI. I will usually do this on a Friday night, which is odd for some people, but it's because my nails have to be in perfect condition for work. No chipped nails to be seen on the counters.

I'll always start off by taking the previous polish off, that's if I have any on, before washing my hands and making sure they're clean. I will sometimes take a clean cotton pad with a little nail polish remover over my nails again to make sure any grime is completely off. I'll shape my nails, usually into an oval shape and square for my toes. I used to shape my finger nails into a square but I realised mine don't naturally grow into that shape so I just go with an oval now. I've just been using a nail file I picked up from a Nails Inc bar, however I really want to pick up a crystal one as it would last forever.
I'll take a little of the Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover onto each nail and let it soften my cuticles, before taking a cuticle stick and pushing them back a little. I have tried the Sally Hansen Cuticle Cream but I find that it's a little too oily for my liking. For my base coat, I've been using OPI Nail Envy but I dropped the bottle onto my desk a few months back so it's barely usable now. The Sally Hansen Double Duty Top & Bottom Coat is a good one, that was my first purchase of all these, it does the job and keeps the polish in place.
Next up is the polish of choice and this week it's Barry M Gelly in Papaya, a lovely peachy pink. I've been wearing this on my toes for a while now as it looks great with a tan! I'll finish off with a top coat and at the moment I've been using Seche Vite*. It's quick and easy to use, even though I find it changes the colour of the polish once it's dried, has anyone else found that?

Sally Hansen will always be a great brand for nails, the products are cheap and actually work, so if you're looking for good ones, pick those up. If you have any suggestions for a nail strengthener for someone who has dry nails, let me know!

Luce x

The Edit: Filling In The Brows

Most girls fill their brows in nowadays, whether they've done it well or not, they do it. I started to fill mine in about over a year ago because they were a little sparse. I naturally have quite thick brows, the hair is very dense and they can get out of control at times. Except I made the dreaded mistake when I was younger. I over plucked. Now it wasn't over the top, but they were silly and now I'm left with ends which are thinner than the base. I've been spending the past few months growing them out and they're getting there, but I still need some help. I will add that I prefer to use a pencil, but I don't think I've found the 'perfect' shade yet.

The first product I started out with was the colour Naked in the Urban Decay Naked Palette, which you can see has a massive dint in it. I think this is my favourite powder out of them all, just because it's the colour I want in pencil form! I've tried Wedge by MAC, which isn't right for me at all, but now it's a great crease shade. HD Brows in Foxy is another one I've tried, which I do like. I mix the warm brown and dark brown together to create a shade which is acceptable. Yet again, I prefer to use these as eyeshadow. Next up are two new additions, Boutique eyeshadow in A Nod Is As Good As A Wink, basically a brown but if used very lightly, it's a good shade. Urban Decay The Brow Box is something I've only had for a few days now, but I'm the most impressed with it. It has two shades and wax, along with two mini brushes and a mini set of tweezers. Perfect for travelling to. 

My favourite eyebrow products are pencils. I find them easier to work with and I find they create a shape which frames my face well. A good one to start out with would be either, Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in 002 Hazel or L'Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist in 02 Blonde. I like it when brow pencils comes with a little brush attached, it just saves on something to carry around. The L'Oreal one is my favourite, as on the other side of the pencil, it has a little wax pencil. Something unique for a drugstore product. I've been using MAC Fling most days for months now and I do like it, except it runs out quickly and I find it's a little too ashy for me. I next tried the Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil in Blonde, which is far too dark for me so that will be given to a friend soon. My latest find is Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in 01 Blonde, which is a new favourite. It's a hard wax stick with a spooly on the other side, along with a sharpner, which I haven't figured out how to use yet. This is the one I'm wearing in the above picture, as it's been my go-to pencil for a few weeks. 

So, what do you use on your brows and do you have any suggestions for me?

Luce x

The Edit: Coral Crazy

I've gone coral crazy and this isn't all of it. I'm all about anything with a hint of orange and pink, gimme! It all started with that Tom Ford lipstick, you know the one, True Coral... Since then it's amounted up and I'm no where near finished, I'm already eyeing up another peachy lipstick by MAC. Don't even get me started on their All About Orange collection, I'm actually glad it's nearly sold out.

Lets start off with the blush, something I'm only just attempting to master. I have a 'natural blush' it seems so there are days at work, I often get asked what blush and I'm wearing when I'm not wearing anything. So I've never bothered up until now and it's the coral which sucked me in. It started off with the Revlon Photo Ready Blush in Coral Reef, a cream blush which I couldn't get for weeks which made me want it even more. I add it to the tops of my cheek bones (lil tip for chubby faced girls, it makes us more 'sculpted') with my fingers and blend, blend and blend until it's, well, blended. Then Bourjois came out with cream to powder blushes and since they've been on fire recently, I had to pick one up. I went with 01 nude velvet, which is a nudey peach which I add to my cheeks for a little more colour if I'm not wearing any bronzer.

The lipsticks are my favourite. My favourite look at the moment is lots of bronzer & highlight with a peachy coral lipstick, so it's a good job I have a selection. There's MAC Vegas Volt, Bobbi Brown Soft Coral and L'Oreal Caresse Rouge in Dating Coral. My every day lipstick is Dating Coral at the moment so when I'm feeling bold I will use the MAC or Bobbi Brown lipstick.

Now let's not forget the tips, those need lacquering up with coral too! My two picks so far have been Barry M Gelly nail paint in Papaya and Essie in Chubby Cheeks. I am planning on picking up Essie Tart Deco this week sometime because now that is the perfect coral nail polish.

You may notice that my blog layout has had a little change and this is all thanks to Chelsea from The Dauphine, a lovely lady from over the pond. I asked her a simple question and she's spent her empty days making my blog look lovely! We've battled through the time zones with emails and it's finally finished and I could not be happier, so a massive thank you to Chels!

Are you a fan of the coral? Oh, you should also follow Chelsea here...

Luce x