Niagara Falls, Canada

You can't go to Canada without visiting Niagara Falls, right?

Following on my Canada Through My Phone post, I mentioned that I also visited Niagara Falls while there. As it's something I hadn't seen before, I was super excited to visit it. When you hear people talk about how beautiful it is, they're right because it really is outstanding. Although when you get there, there's nothing to do except look at the waterfalls or go on a boat ride (which looked too wet and cold for my liking), it's worth the drive. On the way back, we stopped off at Niagara On The Lake which is a small town nearby. The houses were so picturesque, it was like seeing Desperate Housewives houses in real life!

So next time you're in Canada, head there. In fact, just add Canada to your travel wish-list as it's a must! 

Canada Through My Phone

I always aim to take my camera out and take prettier photographs, but whilst in Canada this past week, it didn't even cross my mind. But it didn't stop me snapping a few things on my phone every now and then. Canada is a beautiful country, there's no denying it. Having spent the first few days in Toronto, it was amazing to escape the city to visit the countryside. Since returning on Thursday, I quickly skipped any jetlag (perks of being able to sleep it all off in one day), I finally uploaded a few images I took while out there.

The Detox Market is a must visit in Toronto, in the Entertainment District. It's a shop full of natural beauty products, including amazing brands such as MV Organics and RMS. Alongside all of the beauty products, there's a small juice bar and I also spotted a delicious looking bone broth soup. 

Although a few days were spent doing work-related activities, it was a great quick break from London but I'm happy to be back. Next up, I can't wait to show you Niagara Falls which we visited while out there!

Luce x

Nusa Lembongan // Bali

My favourite Bali post so far!

My final photo diary from Bali and this is also my favourite post, mainly because I'm quite proud of the images I took but also I vividly remember how beautiful the island was. For my last few days, I took a bought over to Nusa Lembongan, which is a small island 12km off the east coast of Bali. Lembongan itself is only 2km wide and 4km in length, so it's a super small island where you're able to walk all around it within a few hours. 

After being in the mountains the days before, I was itching to head back to the beach so I was so excited to be swimming in the ocean here. It was crystal clear and such a beautiful shade of blue. I spent most mornings paddle boarding in front of the reef or sat in a local eco cafe I found which served the most delicious vegan banana bread. Afternoons were spent by the pool in a beach club sipping on smoothies or lay on the beach.

That's it for my Bali posts, although I am planning on posting a travel guide about the country, so do let me know if that is something you'd like to read!

Luce x

Coffee & Spice Gardens // Ubud, Bali

On part of a day trip around the surrounding area in Ubud, the main stop for me was the coffee & spice gardens. They were particularly famous for a coffee which is created from beans which have been digested through a Luwak (which is basically an Asian cat in a tree) before being roasted and ground. But the gardens also grow everything from cacao beans (the first picture, it was amazing seeing them growing in real life) to lemongrass and ginger. Everything which is grown on the farms are then made into coffee & teas too, which can be seen on the testing table where we were able to try all the different drinks. It's not everyday you're able to see your everyday ingredients growing in the wild, so it was an amazing experience. I couldn't not pick up some tea & coffee so I bought a pack of lemongrass loose tea & coconut coffee (the coffee granules are mixed with dried coconut cream). 

The last stop before heading back to the centre of Ubud was this beautiful view of Mount Batur and the natural lake below it. Although I tried to capture the beauty in my images, it will never beat the view in front of your eyes. This spot was simply a little dust patch at the side of the road, but our driver insisted it was the best view we could have asked for without going into the paid areas. 

The next day I left Ubud and although I was super sad to be leaving such a beautiful place, nothing prepared me for the beauty on the island I was heading to. More of that will come tomorrow!

Luce x