Brunch at Dishoom

I'm spoilt for choice for brunch places in London but one place I have been itching to go to is Dishoom. It's a Bombay cafe serving Indian inspired meals which are hugely popular as it's always impossible to go in at a normal time unless you book in advance. My sister and I booked a week in advance to go to the Kings Cross branch which is just off Granary Square (next to the Grain Store if you know the area). We shared the Kejriwal, which is two fried eggs on chilli cheese toast, one of their staples and also a bacon naan roll. The bacon naan roll was my favourite thing to eat, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and I could have easily ate two in a row. For drink I went for their house Chai tea, which was delicious however I wasn't too impressed that they ran out when I asked for a refill. How can Dishoom, where they are known for their Chai tea, run out of it?! I always thought that the prices would be a little more expensive here but compared to many other places, it's a cheap brunch. So I would 100% recommend going, I'm wanting to go for dinner next!

On the day, I was wearing my new faux fur tote which I'm obsessed with. I picked it up in Topshop a few weeks back when I was shopping with a friend and it's a perfect accompaniment for my leather jacket during Autumn. As always, I was wearing my favourite Topshop Jamie jeans, a plain grey tee from Monki and my pale pink Supergas. To match my leather bag, I paired it with a Daniel Wellington Classy St Mawes watch. This is my second DW watch, however I find that this one is a little more wearable due to it being a smaller face. If you're interested in ordering a watch  yourself, or even start your Christmas shopping early (yes, I'm already thinking of that), use 'BONJOURLUCE' at the checkout and it will give you 15% discount!

Now to go back to day dreaming about that bacon naan roll again...

Luce x

Pancakes with a Blackcurrant Compote

I've started to enjoy lazy Saturday's and a late brunch on the balcony, especially in the last few weeks of the summer. I tend to have a lazier Saturday than a Sunday, as I will usually head to an early pilates class and to a market on a Sunday morning. Last weekend I had some last leftover blackcurrants which needed to be used up, along with a craving for pancakes. 


Having never made a compote before, I initially assumed there would be water in the recipe and after a quick google search, found out there wasn't. It's one of the easiest recipes I've ever made and all it takes is two quick steps.

  • I used 200g of blackcurrants (but you can use any berries for this too) and added two tablespoons of coconut sugar to take away the tartness.
  • Add it to a pan on the stove, cook until the currants start to burst and take off the heat. The juice will start to bubble and that's best way to know to take it off the heat.
  • Before allowing it to cool, I stirred up the mixture a little to ensure all the currants have burst.
  • Transfer to a mason jar once cooled and store in the fridge to use.

As for pancakes, I don't follow a recipe, I just throw everything into a bowl and hope for the best. A pancake mixture is the simplest mixture ever, as it's only eggs, flour, milk and a little sugar mixed to the thickness you'd prefer. Side note - I used one egg, plain flour, coconut sugar and almond milk in these! After frying them in the pan with a little Vita Coco Coconut Oil (my fav!), they were ready for a brunch on the balcony.

Breakfast food will always be my favourite so I'm always looking for different recipes to start making. Now I just need to perfect my poached eggs as I have never been able to make a successful one yet!

Luce x 

Lunch at No.11 Pimlico Road


Whenever I see a restaurant pop up on blogs multiple times, I immediately need to see if it's worth the hype. So after seeing No 11 Pimlico Road on a few of my favourite blogs, I arranged a lunch date with my favourite lunch partner, Suzie, for a long awaited catch up. 

Being a short walk from Victoria station, it's a great location for lunch meetings or dinner. Although it was relatively quiet when we arrived for an early lunch, it was the perfect time to snap a few photos of the beautiful interiors. Note the mirrors in the second picture, I am obsessed with them and the blue plush sofas! Complete with marble tables, it's a bloggers dream and now I can understand why so many people have been there since it opened. 

As for the menu, there was something for everyone and completely varied. Having browsed both separate weekend menus, I'm keen to visit for a weekend brunch one day to indulge in their ricotta pancakes. This time around I went for the marinated chicken skewers with a honey yoghurt dressing with a side of truffle macaroni cheese. If there is macaroni cheese on the menu, especially with truffle included, there's no way on earth that I'm skipping that. Although I couldn't finish the full side (it was the size of a main course!), it was delicious, if not containing a little too much truffle for my liking. Suzie went for No. 11 Pimlico burger which looked divine and was huge! To finish, we shared the dark chocolate mousse with a brownie base, hazelnuts and a salted caramel sauce. 

For weekend, I would suggest booking as it's still new and will be busy however on a weekday, it's not needed and will be quiet enough to just drop in. 

Luce x

A Juice Re-Boost

Juices are everywhere now, all around the globe but mostly there is a new juice bar popping up on every street in London. I have been caught up in the trend, mostly as it's an easy way to add extra nutrients into my diet and they're so damn delicious. Juice cleanses are also on trend, however not always the best idea for everyone if you're prone to a snack or two throughout the day. This is where the new Think Press's Juice Subscription steps in. Why a juice subscription? Think Press subscriptions aims to promote a 'juice a day' by adding a juice into your daily diet which will hopefully keep the person on a sustainable path to good health. With prices ranging from £30 for a monthly subscription and more, there's a range of juices in the delivery to try and something for everyone.

Originally named The Juice Executive, they have recently relaunched themselves as THINK Press, where their mission to simply to replace processed juice. Everything is 100% fresh, raw, delicious and healthy and all made locally in Kent. Founded by Alex Auger, I've never read about a juice company and known that the company has come from love. 

I was advised to drink 1-2 juices per day over the course of a few drinks, so I switched out some meals for a juice, such as breakfast or lunch. I had the juices delivered on a Thursday to my parents house and had drunk them all by Saturday lunch time, so I ensured that I tasted them at their most potential. A few notes on what I thought about each juice

Ginger Glow - Whenever I buy a juice out and about, I usually always go for a juice with ginger in as I like the extra kick it adds. This one included carrots, red apples and ginger, however wasn't overpowered with ginger. I took this one out with me on a trip to the supermarket and happily enjoyed it instead of lunch.

Cacao Cashew - A mixture of cashews, cacao, dates and Himalayan sea salt, it was a great sweet pick me up in the afternoon rather than reaching for a biscuit. Although I usually prefer an almond or coconut mylk style drink, this was very tasty and I felt surprisingly full afterwards.

Fresh Greens - I'm the last person to pick a green juice, I never ever enjoy them so I was pleasantly surprised by this one. A mixture of spinach, cucumber, green apples and lemon juice, it was delicious and fresh. I had this for breakfast one morning and was left feeling full, when I expected that I would be reaching for some eggs an hour later.

Pink Roots - Another one I always pick up when out and about, a beetroot based juice. This was a mixture of beetroot, carrot, apples and freshly squeezed lemon and my favourite juice I've drunk in a long time. It was better than I could have imagined, such a smooth juice and you could taste how fresh it was. I had to get my mum to have a taste to understand it too, but you really could taste the earthy-ness from the beetroot, which confirms that the fruit and vegetables are picked right before juicing them.

Ultimate Green - I knew this was going to my least favourite so I saved it for last, mainly as it was a mixture of spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, celery and a little lemon juice. With it being 80% vegetables, I saved it so that my sister could drink the majority of it. I was right about my instinct, this was a juice I couldn't stomach and wouldn't happily drink again. Add a few apples into it so that it's sweeter and I would reach for it again, but not like this.

I will admit and say that I have never drunk so much fresh juice in the space of three days before, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results. With the exception of the strange coloured pee (thanks to the beetroot juice), I felt as though I made better food decisions following the juices. Although I was eating my mums home cooked food and not my usual meal style, as soon as I was back in London, I was ready to go back to the gym and back to my food choices. I've even since ordered a juicer for my flat after months of wanting to buy one!

Will I continue to drink juices? Yes, as soon as my juicer arrives, I'm going to try and drink a juice a day during the week. Has it changed my opinion on doing a juice cleanse? Absolutely, I feel as though I do indeed have the willpower to do a three day cleanse. I'm considering doing a juice cleanse before I go to Bali in September, as it'll be a great boost just before I head out there to ensure I'm absolutely bikini ready. 

What are your thoughts on juicing and a juice cleanse?