Sunday Snapshot #1

This weekend brought warm days with a splash of rain too, a hint that the April showers are here to stay but at least, I was able to leave my flat without a coat on. Yesterday I ate Korean food and today I had Mexican food for dinner, that's a success in my eyes. 

  1. If activewear is also your thing, take a look at the newest WhistlesXFrame collaboration and their beautiful campaign images. I spotted it in store while picking up something new and fell in love with their leggings.
  2. The New York Times wrote something about 'How To Start Running', covering all basis in one post which I enjoyed reading. I want to try and get back into running, so I'm going to attempt to put some of these tips into practice.
  3. I've spent the last few mornings listening to The Great British Breakfast playlist on Spotify - an all round great playlist with songs you will have forgotten about. 
  4. Speaking of Spotify, Kanye West finally put The Life of Pablo on Spotify so I've been thoroughly enjoying listening to it. Is it too soon to say that it's possibly the best album he's written since Watch the Throne with Jay Z?
  5. If you're in the UK and are in the need of something to watch, I would highly suggest watching Thirteen on BBC iPlayer. It's only five episodes long, but each episode is highly gripping and at least now you're able to binge on them!
  6. One question to you all - where is your favourite place to look for iPhone cases? I've just upgraded to the iPhone 6S Plus so while I'm waiting for it to arrive, I want to find a cute new case for it! 


Sophia Webster (sophiawebster) - Daily snaps from the team at SWHQ which will keep you entertained during your work day. There's a reason why their snapchat was featured in Vogue!
Allison Williams (awilly88) - She's hilarious, she has an adorable dog & she's brutally honest. Everything I look for in a friend basically!
Emily Valentine Parr (stylelobster) - I may be biased here as Emily is a friend, but she's hilarious and she loves to stalk dogs on snapchat as much as I do.
Eva Longoria (realevalongoria) - Possibly the best celebrity who I follow on snapchat, it's made me find a new love for her!
Glossier/Into The Gloss (glossier.irl) - If you're into Glossier or ITG, you need to follow them on Snapchat too. I like how they keep their snaps to a minimum, but still show off the beauty of Glossier.
Karlie Kloss (karliekloss) - Let's be honest, I couldn't not put Karlie in this list as she's one of my biggest idols to date. 

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Eight Things Which Made Me Happy This Week!

I've been counting down to the weekend all week, more than usual, for no other reason than that I want to stay in bed as much as possible. I always need one day on a weekend to do nothing and just do life admin, so when recently I haven't had time, it's thrown me off course a little. May be boring to some, but I love nothing more than just pottering about the flat on a weekend.

  1. Flowers are blossoming all around my local park! I went for my first outdoor run of the year (it felt good to leave the gym for once) and it was also the first time I had been in the park this year. Spring is coming!
  2. It's certainly been a pamper week for me this week, with a facial at Aveda last Monday and tomorrow I'm popping into central for a treatment on my hair. I will report back on all of these soon, but after an amazing facial (I rarely leave a facial 100% happy), I have high hopes!
  3. Talking about beauty, I've been making a conscious effort recently to properly use up all my beauty products and to consider a cruelty-free alternative when repurchasing. I'm leaning towards using brands such as RMS for make-up, but for skincare, I'm a little stumped. I'm looking at Tata Harper at the moment, however I haven't tried anything from them yet.
  4. Finishing The Affair, although that's also a bad thing as I need to wait until the next season. After being recommended to watch The Affair, I got stuck it it straight away and became obsessed. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it as you'll end up binging on both seasons. Now that is over for the time being, I've joined the hype and started to watch House of Cards which so far I am thoroughly enjoying. You also need to watch Thirteen on BBC iPlayer if you haven't, it's absolutely brilliant!
  5. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, a brilliant empowering book. If you missed my Instagram about it earlier in the week, I've been reading Lean In for the past week or so and haven't been able to put the book down. Focusing on women, work and leaders, there will be something which everyone can take away. I would highly recommend popping that onto your reading list!
  6. Catching up on all of my favourite websites, such as Man Repeller. It's careers month on MR this month, interviewing all the different staff members including Leandra, but they also talk about favourite things about jobs and have a great chat with Emily Weiss & Maggie Winter.
  7. Making chilli for the zillionth (ok, maybe not that many times, but I've cooked it a lot) time this year in an attempt to get the recipe just right. It's my new thing and without blowing my own trumpet, I make a cracking good one! Except every time it tastes slightly different and me being me never writes down/remembers exactly what I put in it. This time around I turned it vegan by leaving out the meat and adding extra beans, which I think I almost prefer. 
  8. Finally launching the re-design of my blog. How are you finding it? Do you like it? I've wanted to do it for so long, but have put it off for so long!

What has made you happy this week?

Throughout 2016

I'm jumping on the bandwagon here and talking about what I would like to achieve 2016. I'm not one to stick to new years resolutions, as I usually think of ridiculous ones which I'm never even going to attempt. Without realising, I have started a few of these things in the last few months as they've been on my mind for a while now.

Eat Less Meat

I've always eaten meat, I've grown up eating meat and I can't see myself going vegetarian any time soon. However, I'm starting to eat less meat in general, especially at home. Around 5 days a week, I eat a pescetarian diet as I always eat fish at home and rarely buy meat now. A few years ago, this wouldn't have even been thought about as I was such a fussy eater but living away from home and forcing myself to try new things, I now eat a wider range of things. This includes now various vegan/vegetarian meals I will cook for myself with the help of cookbooks such as Deliciously Ella which was the best cookbook I bought last year! Aside from all of this, I'm aware of what is happening if everyone continues to eat meat at the rate we currently do, which is why I'm also making a conscious decision to eat less meat. Let's just say that if I'm home, I don't eat meat but if I'm eating out, I may choose the meat option. 

Feel Comfortable In My Own Skin

Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I felt 100% comfortable in my own skin. There have been many times when I have felt damn good, but the majority of the time I am very self-aware and self-conscious and I always have been like this. At least 85% of the women in my life are the same too, so I'm very aware that it's a difficult issue to both discuss but also tackle. That's why this year, I'm determined to try to feel comfortable in my own skin. As I spoke about it above, eating less meat always makes me feel better inside, as I never feel so sluggish. On top of this, I am aiming to get back into the gym and to go at least three times a week. Around September and October, I was too busy with other things and I didn't bother going to the gym once and it was only at the end of November when I started to get back into a routine. I enjoy my pilates classes, I've started going to Barrecore and also dabbled in a boxing class which I thoroughly enjoyed so I want to continue going. Although I know it's all about the mind, I would just like to be able to stand on a beach sometime this year without any negative thoughts crossing my mind. 

Save More

I'm constantly being told by my parents and my sister that I need to save more and generally be better with money. Not that I'm one to get myself into debt as even going into my overdraft gives me the worst anxiety ever, but to actually stop going into my overdraft every month. I know that if I save a small amount each month, by the end of the year it will amount to something which I will be proud of. More often than not, I always tell myself that if I save a small amount every month, then it's just more to put towards a flight and a holiday. 

Invest More But Less

What I mean by 'invest more but less' is basically to stop buying Topshop Jeans four times a year and invest in a good pair of jeans from J Brand etc. Invest in something which will last a long time and will mean you need to buy less of it all. Buy less from Topshop/H&M and support the independent brands or invest in a slightly more expensive piece even if it's from Whistles. I don't need anything (actually do need new black jeans, oops), I just want and lust after things and am pushing to stop this. 

Enjoy The Mornings

I'm not a morning person, I never have been and probably never will be. However whenever I do wake up earlier on a morning, I always get a lot more done during the day and am always more productive, something I'd like to do more of. I'm a night owl at heart and will suddenly become productive come 11pm (an example of this is the fact I'm writing this post at just gone midnight), however it's never a good thing come the morning when I can't wake up properly. As well as enjoying the mornings, I'd like to be able to get my workout done and dusted in the morning, which means having to get up an hour earlier for me. Let's see how I get on with this one!

Is there anything you'd like to actively change throughout 2016?

Luce x

Sunday Musings VI

Having struggled with my sleeping pattern recently (other night owls can relate here), it was so nice to be able to fall asleep before midnight most nights this week. One or two evenings may have been helped by the few glasses of wine I had drank (where I also took these photographs above), but let's leave that out. 

This week I have been obsessively listening to podcasts. Rather than listening to the same Spotify playlist every week (although I do have one coming on here soon), I have been downloading various podcasts to listen to. Man Repeller recently started a new podcast series, Monocycle is hosted by Leandra Medine herself, they're a 10-minute digest about anything and everything. Introduce yourself to the series by listening to the first episode here. After that, head to their second podcast channel Oh Boy by Man Repeller and listen to Jay Buim sit down with women in the arts, tech and beyond worlds. I recommend the Amelia Diamond episode, aside the fact she's my favourite writer on the site, this ep feels like a great conversation you're listening to between friends. 

If you haven't heard of Lenny Letter, then you must have been living underneath a rock recently. A newsletter turned website which is the love child of Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner [the two masterminds between GIRLS - the best TV show ever]. Showcasing original articles which are first sent out in the daily newsletter before being uploaded to the website, they are really onto something good. With articles about how sexism is getting better in Silicon Valley by Ellen Pao to Jennifer Lawrence's view on the pay gap in the film industry, there's something for everyone. 



Current Obsession - Masque Bar Luminizing Charcoal Peel Off Mask

I don't think I've used a peel off mask since I was a child and I never assoiciate them with the best skincare routine, so I will admit I was skeptical when I first used this Masque Bar mask. But having already fallen in love with their Green Tea sheet mask a few months ago, I went ahead with it and was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it so much fun to peel off, it took away a few little black heads I had dotted on my nose as well as brighten my skin up a little. Although I had to follow up with an overnight moisturising mask, as it had sucked all moisture out of my already dry skin, I would use it again. In fact, I have already and will be picking up a new pack of these masks.