Try A Facial Massage

Ever since I saw Lisa Eldridge post her facial massage routine, I have been trying to incorporate a facial massage into my routine. Whether it's a quick one or a long one while watching American Horror Story (current obsession). I have spotted this little tool on a few blogs, particularly Caroline Hirons, but I only just picked it up a month or so ago.

There's a few ways to give yourself a face massage, one of them being while cleansing your skin. This would be a good option for a quick one if you don't have too much spare time. You will need a product which is quite slippy on your skin, so a cleansing oil or balm cleanser is a good option. I have been using the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm*, which turns into an oil after being massaged. The idea is that you want to be pushing away from your face, up to your hair line so that your face doesn't turn droopy. Pushing out the toxins in your face and keeping the youthful look is what we're aiming for here. What I tend to do is drag my fingers along my jawline, ensuring to keep going up before moving onto the cheeks. For the cheeks, large circular movements, up and out are the best I have found, which then can be moved onto the forehead too. 

If you're lazy and would rather use a tool, which I usually use on top of my evening facial oil, like The Body Shop Face Massager. It's a little revolving tool with large prongs, which lightly dig into your face. I will do the same movements as with my fingers, except the circle movements. Always making sure to push the toxins up and out of the face. No dragging down on the skin as that will only add to droopyness in the future. For £6, the massager is not bank breaking and is pretty relaxing when using it.

A few videos which are useful to watch is the one in particular by Lisa Eldridge, Face Yoga on Into The Gloss or these two posts by Caroline Hirons about facial massage and The Body Shop facial massager. Go give it a go this evening!

Lucy x