First Impressions On NARS Audacious Lipsticks

Has there been a NARS new release which hasn't been loved by the masses recently? The answer is no and the Audacious Lipsticks don't disappoint either. Having only worn each lipstick once, these are my initial first impressions. I have the shades Audrey*, Anna* and Brigitte*, so that's a deep purple, dark pink and a coral shade. A mixture of shades to test out, both the darker and lighter shades which I have seen mixed reviews about. 

Let's start by saying that they are a matte lipstick. I prefer matte lipsticks as they stick around a lot longer on me. It's not a drying matte lipstick, however I would suggest using a lip balm before applying it to add some more moisture. They are very pigmented, the other NARS lipsticks I own are also very pigmented but these, especially Audrey, stained my lips once it had worn off. Another good point is that there is no bleeding here, a lot of lipsticks bleed on me and they didn't once. I didn't use a lip liner before using either of them, as I rarely do use one, so I was impressed with the no bleeding part. Due to the sharp shape of the bullet, they are relatively easy to apply. Obviously this will wear down in time, but for now, applying straight from the bullet is easy. They also have a magnetic lid which feels super luxurious as it reminds me of the Burberry lipsticks and no longer have the rubber material like all other NARS products.

The only bad point I can say is that I did have to reapply throughout the day. The lipsticks didn't last when eating and as I was wearing these at work, I was talking a lot and it just wore off. This didn't matter to me as I usually would reapply, however it may affect other peoples judgement. 

They're £24 for 4.2g of product compared to the other lipsticks which are £19.50 for 3.4g. After my beauty maths has worked out, you gain a tiny bit more product with the Audacious Lipsticks, but who is counting the decimals, eh? Overall, I am very happy with the lipsticks. There are 40 new shades, all named after lovely ladies which adds just the most perfect touch. A shade for everyone, brighter shades or more neutrals. In my opinion, all shades are wearable for every day, it all depends on what you prefer. 

Also, they're hosting a competition on Facebook which allows the fans on the NARS page to enter a lipstick 'selfie' on Instagram, which enables you to win 12 lipsticks Think of how amazing that would be? It's worth having a little look at!

Luce x