October Moodboard

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Back again with a new mood board, this time for the month of October. It's taking me a little longer than expected to put it together but I thought I would see what I was actually doing in the month rather than guessing. 

So far this month has been spent looking at seasonal local produce and attempting to create something with it, enjoying pomegranate season and taking a closer look at what food I'm putting into my body. I've been motivating myself with work more than usual, pushing myself to get what I want and surrounding myself with inspirational people. I'm already thinking about where I would like to travel to next year and I'm really wanting to go travel to different cities around the UK, however a weekend in the Lake District is definitely on the cards. Hiking around the hills is something I really want to do, I'm preparing myself with quite a few classes of hot yoga. I'm hoping that by the end of this month that I will have cut my hair back short. It's grown out a lot recently and all I want is a blunt cut again!

What has been inspiring you this month?

Luce x