Two Brushes To Add To Your Collection


Over the past few months my brush collection has grown immensely since discovering some brilliant brushes for make up. Whether they're new collection or not, I have been using these two brushes every day and you just need them. 

Starting with the Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush, which I have spoke about a little before but it needs a lot of loving. As it says in the title, it applies any product quite sheer. So I have been mainly using this for powder, namely NARS Illuminating Pressed Powder, as it doesn't leave the face too powdery. For blush too, it would be perfect as I use it for that after it's has a wash, so I don't mix the two together. I would usually pick Benefit Coralista or a Clinique Cheek Pop which are a little brighter than I would usually go for, so that I can only apply a tiny amount of product.

Second up is the Sephora Mineral Powder Brush which I have owned since I was 18. I picked it up on a whim in Paris when I was there for my birthday as I bought a powder foundation from Sephora too, little did I know that it is one of the best brushes. I've been using it for liquid foundation for well over a year now and it's only became quite hyped recently. Think of it as a larger version of the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, but not as stiff. It blends the foundation quick and with no problems, but it's also really good if you choose to use a cream bronzer such as the Chanel Soleil Tan De Bronze Universel.

Luce x