Three To Try For Body

Now that it's winter, it's time to whack up the moisturising, both face and body. I know many people don't moisturise their body, but having grown up with very dry skin, it's cemented in me to do so every day after showering.

One to start which is very luxurious is the Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Soufflé Body Creme. This isn't one to use every day,  but the scent alone is divine. Costing £44.50 for 300g, it's kept for rather special occasions or just times when I want to brighten up a Monday evening. The body soufflés come in all sorts of scents, so there's something for everyone. But it's hydrating yet still very light on the skin and most importantly, the scent lingers for a while.

The next one is a love of mine, Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm. The most hydrating body balm from the brand, it's perfect for the winter. A little goes a long way with this as it's super thick and can be easily spread across limbs. With scents such as vanilla, tangerine and sandalwood, it's sweet with a woody base. At £25 for 120ml and £69 for 500ml, it's pricey but cost effective. 

A multi use product by Aveda, Shampure Composition Oil can be used on hair, body or in the bath. Apply it to the hair to calm flyways, use it as a leave in treatment or just through the ends of wet hair for extra hydration. Or adding a few drops to a running hot bath makes a huge difference, especially if you're looking to feel relaxed. It contains a mixture of 25 pure flower and plant essences, including sunflower and meadow foam oils. 

Luce x