It's Okay To Take A Break

I often see on Twitter, people apologising for taking a break from their blog. Why? There's nothing wrong with it at all. Whether it was unplanned or planned, sometimes it's refreshing. I've taken a few, whether it's been for a week or longer, I'm always positive that my loyal readers will still be there for when I return.

Time to gather inspiration - Taking a step back from publishing so often can help you think about why you are running a blog and what you would like to post about. Whether you're out of the country or just taking a step back from your laptop, remember to take a notebook with you as you may think of a good idea what you would like to write about. Having a change of scenery may prompt old favourites or discover new loves. 

Create better content - Using that time away to create brilliant new content is always a good idea. Whether it's simply writing down new ideas and planning the posts, to going out and photographing it all, to use the time away from your laptop productively, will make you feel better later. I tell myself time and time again that I won't post something for the sake of it, if I haven't posted in a while. I will always put 100% into a post and I wouldn't like to let that side of my blog down. 

Fall back in love with blogging - Anyone who runs a blog will understand how wonderful it is. It's so rewarding, seeing people's comments and the feedback about how people enjoy something you have created. But if you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself to post on your blog, it can take the fun away from it. Take some time to think of the reasons why you love it so much, let the time pass and come back to it. Think about sharing your adventures with your readers, seeing their excitement. I know that doing this makes me happy to come back to blogging every time.

If you're in a rut, go take a well deserved break because we're all going to be here when you return. Find new inspiration, step away from your laptop, enjoy your surroundings and return to tell us all about it. 

Luce x