Five Things From The Past Week

So hello, I'm back again. After taking an unexpected break from my blog, I thought it would be best to give you a little update on what I have been up to. I've been a little busy, still writing down ideas of things to post about, but for a while, it wasn't at the top of priorities. 

  1. Last weekend I went home for a long weekend and it was so lovely. You may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, as I kept posting pictures of my little puppy, Basil. The time was spent spending time with my parents, getting excited for Christmas and eating all of the food possible. As much as I love living in London, I still love the countryside at heart. It was being at home what set the unexpected blog break off as I kept thinking about what I really want to do with this space, but I returned to London remembering what I wanted to achieve and a lot of ideas for the new year.
  2. I went to a Mulberry sample sale and walked out empty handed. I'm quite proud of myself for this as I pretty much followed a girl all the way round as I loved the bag she was holding. But sample sales can become hectic and quite feisty, however I'm saving myself for a special one next January which I know is happening. 
  3. After the sample sale, we went to a new lobster deli called Smack Lobster. It was just off Oxford St, fairly new as it was quite quiet. But it was my first time trying lobster and I loved it. I feel as though I can now go to Burger & Lobster, who also opened this new deli. I went for the lobster roll with chipotle mayo and courgette fries, yum!
  4. Last week saw the opening of the new Bobbi Brown store in Covent Garden. If you have been there recently, you will have seen that it's a beauty lovers dream with the Chanel, Dior and Burberry shops. Now there is a Bobbi Brown and Clinique store for your browsing. As not many people know it's there yet, it can be a little quiet at times which is perfect if you want a lot of advice for the make up artists.
  5. Over the coming weeks, my christmas gift guides will be coming out. I've settled on a way which will suits me and you all best, so I hope everyone likes them. There's a few different ones, beauty and non beauty related. But let's not spoil anything just yet, it's coming soon!

What have you been up to lately? Tell me something exciting!

Luce x