Five Places I Want To Travel To

So I wrote about travelling alone at the end of the summer as I headed to Sicily for a week for some sunshine and a little break from the city. Maybe it's because it's the beginning of winter now, I'm sick of being cold and damp all of the time and I just want to get away. But I have been itching to get a holiday booked or just go to a different country. I'm already thinking about where I'd like to go in the summer so I have started my online saving account for the holiday fund! 

Greece - I've never been to Greece, maybe when I was a baby but that was too long ago for me to remember so I'd like to see it as a grown up now. This is the country I'm looking to head to in the coming summer, mostly as I know I can't go back to Italy again even though I would love to. As it's a country I don't know huge amounts, except from the excessive amounts of Instagram scrolling I have done of all the beautiful islands, I'm leaning towards Santorini and spending a few nights in Athens too. Have you been there? If so, recommend me somewhere!

New Zealand - I've always, always wanted to go to New Zealand. Australia isn't the one for me (although I wouldn't turn it down), but the beauty is within NZ. One of my close friends is a Kiwi and hearing all about her country and the city she lives in is amazing. A one way ticket to Auckland please? Whilst on that side of the country, it gives me the best opportunity to visit Fiji and Bali. 

Cambodia - It's not a place you would think to head to, but something I really want to do in my life is to volunteer for a charity in Cambodia. I know many people who have done it in Thailand with school children, but I love the nature and countryside of Cambodia. I've been looking at the Globalteer website for volunteering, especially as they work closely with children and community projects. On top of all that, the Ream National Park is on the top of my list for a place to visit there as well as tasting all of the street food.

Switzerland - For someone who doesn't deal well with being very cold, this is surprising, but who wouldn't want to hike up all those mountains? I can't ski, however I really want to learn, no matter how crap I would be. Of course I would go to the mountains, but I would love to spend some time in Geneva too as it's such a beautiful city. Plus, I can live out the Princess Diaries movie in real life!

Mexico - Ah, the land of tacos and burritos! This is the sort of place which I'm saving for my honeymoon, as spending a few weeks in Tulum would be perfect. As Tulum is quite a small 'resort' or town, travelling around too would be great, especially to visit the Riviera Maya and Chichen Itza, one of the wonders of the world.

After writing this, I'm going to continue looking at flights for the summer. Where would you love to travel to this summer?

Luce x