Why Do You Blog?

Why do you blog? I've seen a few people write about this and it's always interesting to read.Why do I blog? I always have 'blogged' in some sense since early teens. It all started when I have numerous Tumblrs when that was big before moving over to Blogger, where I created a few blogs before starting Bonjour Luce. Before I started to post on here regularly, when I really started to blog, I had this blog for around one year. Why was it called Bonjour Luce? I honestly have no idea, I was always obsessed with anything French/Parisian and I've been called Luce from a child. All of my social media was already with that handle so I just went with it. 

It all started as a hobby, two years ago this year. I had no idea what it would turn into it, I had just started to watch YouTube but had been reading a few blogs for a while. It was something to do alongside university, but it quickly turned into a passion once I got my first job in the beauty industry. 

Now I blog because it's part of my daily life. I don't go a day without thinking about my blog, even if I'm not posting that day, I will still be checking my emails a few times. I love it so much, I'm very proud of how it has turned out, how it has grown and how it will continue to do so. Not only has my blog allowed me to have the freedom to post about whatever I want and to discover passions, but it has influenced my career too. Having a little section on my CV about my blog has not only helped me get jobs in the past, but it's opened my eyes to a career I didn't know existed. 

You can blog about whatever you want and there will be someone who wants to read it. You could make someones day about something you write, you can develop a whole host of skills by running a blog. I praise the ladies who run their blog for a full time job, they all do it so brilliantly and to think that they do it all alone, they deserve the round of applause. 

So if you do, why do you blog? If not, why do you read blogs? It's always interesting to hear the different side of things.

Luce x