Styling Short Hair

After many requests, here it goes, I attempt to show you all how I style my short hair. It took me a while to get to grips with my shorter hair and still have many days when I give up with it, which is why approx. four days a week I have bad hair days! But I think I now know how to sort of style it.

Let's start with the beginning, I wash my hair every five days (gross or not, I'm lazy and always have done this, sometimes longer). I shampoo & condition with the Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco range which I have been religiously using for around 9 months now, however sometimes I use whatever I reach for to use up other bottles. I leave it to half dry naturally, which is whenever I spray in whatever leave in conditioner I'm using, at the moment it's Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle.  Afterwards, I will brush my hair through thoroughly using The Wet Brush, which I have used every single day for month snow, it's the best brush I have ever used. 

Onto the styling, I start by blasting my hair dry with the cold hair on a hair dryer before starting to blow dry my hair straight. I section my hair, starting with the bottom and blow it straight using the GHD Air Rose Gold Hairdryer* and a small barrel brush. I would definitely recommend this hairdryer, it's small and compact and very powerful, something I always look for in a dryer. Using the barrel brush, I tend to curl my hair under a little on the lower sections before moving further up my head. I only straighten the top section of my hair to minimise any frizz or kinks in my hair, using GHD Straighteners, not sure on the make as I have had them for around two years now. I leave my hair straight for the first or second day as it's always too fluffy to curl and the curls don't stay in place. 

Using a tapered small barrel curler, like the Babyliss Curling Wand, I curl from the mid section of my hair, on the highest temperature setting. Leaving the hair wrapped around the wand for around 20 seconds, I let the curl drop into my hand to cool slightly before letting go. I continue to do that all over my hair, but leaving the front bits of my hair to last. I curl those away from my face so that it frames my face better, I will curl those bits about two times, after brushing through it after every time. I find by doing this, it stays in put for a while after and doesn't drop easily. Afterwards, I usually curl the ends of my hair underneath using the straighteners, especially the back and front sections so there's no hair sticking out. 

To finish, I have been using the KMS Free Shape Styling and Finishing Spray* all over as a hairspray/setting spray. The days following this, a refresh is always needed by using either the Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Spray or simply Boots Dry Shampoo, which I have found is the best one. I find that when I curl my hair, it lasts until I need to wash my hair, maybe just needing to curl a few sections the next day, but that's it.

I will note that naturally I have very curly hair which is very unruly and doesn't behave, so that is why I blow-dry my hair straight. Also I'm not entirely sure what my hair was doing on the days these photos were taken, it definitely was not a good hair day!

Luce x