Week In A Nutshell #1

This week has been a mixture of emotions, mainly as I've spent half of it in bed feeling sorry for myself due to something I can only relate to mild flu. During these hours moping out, I spent too long on the internet watching crappy TV (see my recent Netflix activity) and thinking about how I really need to buy one last Christmas present (and I still haven't).

  1. Serial - Have you listened to Serial yet? If not, WHY NOT? This week saw the finale and I'm dumbstruck, I just don't know what to think. I do think that the last thing what said was a spanner in the works and I'm starting to lean towards that idea, but maybe it's because I don't want to think either Jay or Adnan did it? What are your thoughts on it? I'm just really happy that there's going to be a second series.
  2. The Missing -  I didn't lie when I said I had been watching a lot of things, including the last episode of The Missing, which again, I did not see that ending coming. What is it with TV at the moment, everything is so good!
  3. Fake Individual Eyelashes - Up until last Saturday night, I had never worn fake eyelashes so when I was applying my flatmates eyelashes after a few glasses of wine, I decided to apply some on myself. I am 100% a convert now. I applied a few medium and long ones on the outer corners of my lashes and they made such a huge difference, really opened up my eyes. I have since been into Superdrug to pick up Tanya Burr's Individual Eyelashes after hearing such rave reviews from everyone.
  4. NEOM Tranquility Room SprayAfter spending so long in my room, I kept needing to air it out and just make it smell a little more fresh, which is when this room spray kept coming in handy. A mixture of english lavender, sweet basil and jasmine has been freshening up my flat after a few spritz, it makes that bit difference. 
  5. A New Favourite Blogger - Not sure if it's just me but whenever I find a new blog I really like, I go back and read all of their posts, so this week I did that with Nishaantishu. I have been following Freya on Instagram for a little while now but after reading her wedding posts, I have been hooked on her new posts.

Luce x