Christmas in Five Photos


Christmas is over for me as I'm returning to London to go back to work. Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, mostly as I get to go home for a week and all of the family are there in the house, which only happens a few times a year. Let's not forget about all of the food, I have to say that my highlight of the dinner this year was a pork shoulder which my mum cooked alongside the turkey. Delicious! 

The main gift off my parents this year was a Sony A6000 camera so I am super excited to start shooting with it. It's a small compact camera with amazing quality, so I can take it out and about with me to snap for the blog. I started out by taking a few photos over the past week including the Christmas tree, Basil (who has grown a lot since last being on here), new pyjamas and dressing gown, Boxing Day walks and my current favourite roll neck jumper from Uniqlo. Also, the phone case is from Iconemesis, it's the Cat Sims Feather design and I love it, such a slim phone case and it suits my white iPhone 5S perfectly! 

Tell me about your Christmas!

Luce x