The Christmas Gift Guide

Second instalment of the Christmas gift guide, with less beauty and things which can suit everyone. This year I'm finding myself looking at things which are personalised, as who wouldn't want something with their own initial and or name on it?

  1. Cashmere socks - You don't know heaven until you have worn cashmere socks. Keep them for a special occasion and give your feet a present this year.
  2. Personalised Nutella Pot - This one is for everyone who has access to a Selfridges store as it's only available in store now. However I have seen how popular they are, for both children and adults!
  3. The New York Times 36 hours in a City Book - So many people are always looking to go away for a weekend, well this book shows you the best places to head in Europe and how to spend the days there. Perfect for anyone who loves travelling, but maybe advise them to leave it at home as it's a heavy book. 
  4. Daniel Wellington Watch - A classic watch is always a winner, for both men and women. I've been wearing mine every day since I got it, both day and night and it suits all outfits. On top of that, you get 15% off your order with free delivery worldwide with the code 'holidayluce'.
  5. Rosie for Autograph M&S PJS - Who doesn't love receiving pyjamas for Christmas? Rosie for Autograph is a beautiful collection designed by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, perhaps check out the underwear while you're there as it's a winner.
  6. Kate Spade Letter Necklace - A classic gold chain necklace with an embossed disk with a letter of choice. If I opened that on Christmas day, I would be a happy lady. 
  7. NEOM Christmas Candles - NEOM candles burn the best out of them all, in my opinion, so check out their Christmas range. 
  8. Monica Vinder Stacking Rings - A brand which isn't spoke about often, but which should be. A whole selection of jewellery is on offer, however the smaller stacking rings are so beautiful and delicate. Easily worn on their own or can be combined with others.
  9. Life Box Food Box - Everyone knows the beauty boxes, but Life Box is a new health food monthly box. Having only launched this year, the box was set up by one lovely lady who believes in putting goodness into your body. Perfect for anyone who loves creating new dishes, who looks after their body and is into their fitness.
  10. Letter Make-Up Bag - I told you I was loving everything personalised, so a soft grey make up bag which is the perfect size for a long weekend or a short holiday away, it will fit everything you need in your hand luggage.

Luce x