A Home Wishlist

House Wishlist.png

So if you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen that I moved house on Friday. It has been a long time coming but now I have a new room and it's a very large on for that. I have been getting rather excited about buying things for it, I've never been on the H&M Home website so much in the past weekend. After a successful trip to IKEA on Saturday, there's still some more things I need, like more cushions…

I'm aiming to keep a running theme in my bedroom, very clean and simple with not a lot of fuss. I've got a white duvet, so I feel as though I need to add a little more to it. I spotted this grey bedspread on the H&M website, just to lie on top of the duvet. It doesn't cost too much and it seems quite good quality, especially for H&M. I also spotted this throw, which would look cute over the top of my sofa. It's a rather ugly sofa so I'm looking for a few throws to hide it. You can never have too many cushions either and I remember I spotted this one in IKEA, I wish I picked it up! 

Back to decoration, I wasn't sure what I wanted to put up on the walls but I spotted this in Next and think it's quite cute. I wish it didn't have the cheesy quote on the bottom or else I might have picked it up. One thing I am certain about though, is that I definitely want a tall plant for the corner of my room. I already have three mini cactuses, so I think it's about time I add to them.

My room is lacking in a chest of drawers. It was actually my initial aim to pick up one in IKEA, but who knew they were so heavy, three girls could never carry those with no car. Thankfully my parents are coming down to London next weekend, so they can take me to IKEA to pick these up. I also really like the look of this mirror, but I feel as though it's a little expensive for what it is. I could easily get one which just leans against the wall, but this just looks a lot neater.

This post has confirmed my love for IKEA and how excited I am to go again next week. Well I do need to stock up on their 50p milk chocolate…

Luce x