Instant Glow

Instant Glow.jpg

I've stepped away from the winter matte look and I'm leaning towards the glowing skin again. I think it's because spring is around the corner, there has been some beautiful mornings lately. Most mornings I've been reaching for either of these skin illuminators to add a little glow to my skin.

Most days I've been using MAC Strobe Cream*, as it's so easy to use. It's a thick-ish cream which is white but has a silvery look to it. The silver doesn't transfer to the skin, however you're left with a highlighted sheen to the skin. Not in a 'I need to blot my face' greasy type way, that natural supermodel way. I apply this all over my skin, after using a light lotion on my skin, as this is quite moisturising and thick itself. I think that if you have normal to oily skin, you could get away with using just this on a morning, so you can keep a moisturiser. I will follow using a semi-matte foundation, as I found that if I use a dewy foundation, I look a little too shiny. I'm not yet to use it with an evening look, but I can imagine it really gives you that highlighted look.

On the other days, I will use Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in Champagne* (what is it with these super long names). This is a champagne tinted illuminating cream, but it's not as thick as the MAC one. It's one of Clarins newest releases from their Spring collection, so it fits my spring look perfect. It could be used on it's own, or underneath make up, which is what I have been doing. It doesn't provide any coverage, but if you're having a good skin day in the summer with a bit of a tan, this would brighten the skin for a day look. Unlike the strobe cream, I haven't been using this all over my face. I have been applying it only on the high points of the face, so the cheekbones and temples. 

They both give a good amount of highlighting, however I do find that the Clarins product provides a little bit more, which is why I didn't use it all over. If used correctly, MAC Strobe Cream can look incredible and I think this may be my favourite one. On some days, I still follow with a powder highlighter too. I just really love highlighter.

Luce x