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Vegan Banana Cookies

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When Into The Gloss posted their favourite food Instagrams to follow, I followed every single one of them. I love food, especially pretty filtered images on Instagram. It's only recently I've started to get into cooking & baking. I spotted a recipe on Lolacooks Instagram for Vegan Banana Cookies and knew I just had to try them out. 

It's a very simple recipe as it contains three ingredients. Oats, bananas and chocolate chips. I used two fairly ripe bananas, a bowl full of oats & a bag of choc chips. Simply mash the bananas up until smooth-ish, add in the oats and stir, then add the chic chips. You're looking for a consistency which can hold without it falling apart. Have the oven pre-heated at 180C, pop them on some baking paper and bake them for 10-15 mins until they're looking golden brown.

I wasn't sure at first as I don't like bananas, unless it's in a cake. But they're delicious and the banana keeps them lovely and moist. These ones are specifically vegan as I didn't use rolled oats and I used dark choc chips. I'm trying my hardest to keep up with my gluten free diet, with a few cheat days here and there, so these fit in perfectly. 

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