Moving to Squarespace

So a month or so ago, I made the move from Blogger to Squarespace. It was a very last minute decision but also a good one in my mind. In the back of my mind, I hadn't been happy with my blog for a while, the whole look of it wasn't how I wanted it to be. I had changed a few bits here and there but I was sick of the whole 'blogger' look and I wanted something very stripped back and simple. When I found this site and saw plenty of examples, I knew that this site was what I wanted my blog to look like. I had been thinking of moving to Wordpress but I knew it was complicated and I had no idea how to do it on my own.

So Squarespace is a website builder which focuses on providing high polished, rich-imagery experiences for website builders. Basically it can build a website or a blog, with the help of Squarespace Layouts. Think of how you can change your whole look of Tumblr, well you can do the same thing with Squarespace. There's no hassle, no fiddly little bits, they're all clear and simple layouts. Blogger has widgets, Squarespace has blocks which you build your website with as it's a drag & drop builder. All in all, designing your own website is very easy on this site and although mine is not 100% finished, I've been able to build the simple look I always wanted.

As for posting on it, it's the same as every other site, you just write your own post in their post editor. I always resize my photos in the editing process, but if the file isn't too big, Squarespace automatically resizes it to fit into your website. It's very image focused, so it's perfect for bloggers, photographers, online shops or anyone really. 

Similar to Wordpress, you pay a fee every month. They do give you a free trial but to actually do anything on the site, you will have to start paying. They charge in three tiers from $8, $16 and $24. I picked the middle tier as it included everything I needed, including importing from my old blog. One thing I was so impressed with was the 24/7 support you receive from the company. You have the ability to live chat with one of the team or to send them and email, they helped me so much when I was setting it up. 

For the technical things such as importing my posts from Blogger to this site and moving my URL over, that was when it became difficult. I was able to import all of my posts from Blogger to Squarespace, but this is where I had to start paying the fee so that I could have unlimited storage. This took quite a long time, but once it was done, it had resized everything and put it in order for me. Moving my URL was difficult too, especially as I had bought my domain through Blogger & Go Daddy. Thankfully there are a lot of videos out there on Google to explain the steps of changing the directing URLs and other stuff like that. 

As it took a few days for my domain to be changed over, it meant that I lost all of my Google Analytics data. Thankfully Squarespace has a built in Activity Manager, where I can see my traffic, unique visitors etc. Unlike Blogger, this is actually correct and I prefer it to Google Analytics. I still use Google Analytics for technical reasons, but I still lost all the data from beforehand.

Overall, I really like this site. I have had no problems as of you, there's no lagging issues like I found with Blogger. If you're wanting to upgrade, but without going to Wordpress, it's an option to look into. 

I think I have covered everything, but ask me any other questions in the comments or on Twitter if there's anything else you want to know!

Luce x