Bumble & Bumble City Swept Finish

Bumble & Bumble Cityswept.jpg

There's a new Bumble & Bumble product out and as soon as I saw this backstage at LFW, I was dying to get my hands on it. Designed to be a lightweight misting balm which will help define and control the hair, or in my words, it's a fancy defining hairspray. 

I like it and I also don't like it. Pop it onto freshly washed hair and it calms the frizz, but if you spray too much, then you're stuck with a tacky feeling in your hair. After sticking with it and using it for a few weeks, I have found a way to use it. I wash my hair every 5 days (dry & curly haired girls will understand) so by day 4 it's looking like it needs a little something something, so after I've curled it a little, I will spray BB Dryspun Finish onto the ends to add texture. But then I layer it with this as a finishing spray to keep the curls to stay. I will also add that I sprayed it all over my hair before going out, straight after curling my hair and it kept it in place until 5am. I prefer a drier feeling from a texture spray and this isn't it, as by the end of the day I feel like I need to wash my hair.
City Swept reminds me of what BB Semisumo would be like in a spray form. So if you're into the layered hair look, you will like it. If not, stick with Oribe Dry Texturising Spray or BB Dryspun Finish. 

Luce x