Websites To Bookmark

I spend a lot of time on the internet, way more than I should do. I also spend more time than I should reading websites at work which aren't the Guardian. Which is why I'm bringing you a little run down of the websites I check every single day, because they're so damn awesome.

Into The Gloss - Of course this has to be mentioned. I have loved Emily Weiss ever since she was Super Intern (guess the reference) and my love for her continues. Now she has a whole team behind her and they run a pretty amazing website. I have read every single article on that website and I will continue to do so. If you haven't read any of The Top Self interviews, then you're missing out. I would suggest Liv Tyler, Aerin Lauder,  Miranda Kerr and  Emily Weiss, of course.

Man Repeller - Ever needed to explain fashion week to your parents? Man Repeller has written an article on it. Leandra Medine is the main gal behind this site (more on her on ITG) and she is a funny one. They write about things you actually want to read, rather than churning out a show report. The question is, are you a man repeller? Take the quiz… 

The Covetuer - How I only just discovered this a week ago, I do not know, but I'm now hooked. If you've ever wanted to snoop in pretty much everyone's wardrobe, including Boo (the dog), they have it here. They have backstage access to everything, from all the shows at fashion week to someones wardrobe. 

A Beautiful Mess - This website makes me want to strip my house and DIY the whole thing. Elsie & Emma blog about everything from crafts, photography to hair & make up. They believe that the best things in life are homemade and every time I read the beautiful blog, I start to believe that. They also have a photo editing app out which will just make your Instagram images that bit better.

Elle UK Running Blog - A little bit of a different one but I've been checking this blog every day for about a month now. I've been forcing myself to get back into running and I've finally go into it, heck I even went for a run at 10pm after work one night. But after reading about the girls process on here, it's helped me a lot. Whether it's about getting back into running or what Elle wears running, they have it covered.

The Londoner - If you ever need a recipe or to lust after an amazing holiday, just look at this blog. Rosie, the blog writer who happens to be a right hottie, has persuaded me to go to many restaurants in London and she also held the most amazing blogger bake sale. Her gluten free brownie recipe is also amazing, I tried & tested it myself and was blown away.

What's your favourite daily website to read?

Luce x