Everyday Essentials

Every Day Essentials.jpg

Yesterday I went a little crazy in Muji. I never bought the 'beauty blogger boxes' aka the acrylic boxes, but I bought a few little frosted plastic dividers which I can put into my IKEA Alex drawers. I'm too lazy to keep going into my drawers every day as most days I'm in a rush, so here is a little tub of my everyday essentials.

Starting with the brows, I have the most products in here to tame and shape them. I've raved about the Hourglass Brow Sculptor plenty times and I still love it so much. Since tinting my brows, I only need it through the ends and a little at the front to shape them. I will follow up with MAC Brow Set* to keep them in place as no one wants unruly brows. A new product I've been testing in the past few weeks is the Benefit Gimme Brow*. It's a tinted brow mascara with tiny little fibres so it ever so slightly makes them look thicker. On the days I want a more natural brow, I have been reaching for this. Sweep it onto the brows and they're set in place as well as filled in. I passed the lighter colour onto my housemate as she has lighter brows and she cannot get enough of it, she's been using it every day for uni! 

For mascara, it's all about Benefit They're Real for me. This tube is coming to the end and it's making me sad, even though I will re-purchase within a week. Unless I look for another mascara, I always end up reaching for this one as it does everything I want. I don't find it hard to remove at all, as I know some people have a problem with that. I just use a micellar water and it's off within a few seconds. 

For the lips, I'm all for tinted lip balms. I've been using Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey* quite a lot recently, especially for work. It's a very moisturising tinted lip balm, but in their famous Black Honey shade. No need for a mirror when applying it and it keeps your lips moisturised at the same time! Another one is Korres Lip Butter in Plum, an old favourite of mine. I found this at the bottom of a bag and have rekindled my love for it. The only annoying thing about this is that you have to use your finger to apply and that's not the most hygienic way.

What are your everyday essentials?

Luce x