The Perfect Highlighter

RMS Highlighter 2.jpg

I've been looking for the perfect highlighter for a while now. I was umming and ahhing between this one or the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder, but I ended up picking this one up a few weeks ago. I wanted something I could wear every day without looking like a glitter ball, which all my others seem to do. The RMS Living Luminizer creates a beautiful sheen on the skin, which just catches in the light. 

RMS is created by make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift and she has created a make-up line which is full of goodness and which create the most natural looks. Although I'm not too fussed about using natural products, it's great knowing that on the label, they list every single ingredient which is in the product as they're all good for you. The base of the products is castor seed oil and coconut oil, which is a product already in my skincare routine.

If you're looking for an 'in your face highlighter', this is not the one, as it's a highlighter which creates a sheer, luminous glow. It has a satin-pearl finish, with no glitter in it whatsoever. I have been applying it onto my cheekbones and dotting whatever is left on my finger underneath my brow bone, to add a little more definition. I've found that it almost creates a 3D effect look to your face. Although I usually use a powder highlighter, as I find a cream/liquid highlighter can ruin my foundation, this just glides on top of the skin without ruining anything underneath.

It's £30 for a small pot of 4.25g, which isn't too much but it will last you a long time as you only need a little. If you're in London, it's available in Content Beauty which is just off Marylebone High Street or it's on Cult Beauty. 

Luce x