The Sunday Post: A Day In Brighton

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Yesterday I went to Brighton to visit the lovely lady, Suzie, for the day! We hadn't seen each other since LFW so it only seemed right that I go down for the day. Nothing too thrilling happened, but Suzie did vlog some bits of the day so watch out on her channel.

Starting the day with cake is always a good idea, didn't you know that? Before that we popped to this cute shop to pop into the photobooth, so now I have this one to add to my collection. Back to the cake, it was so damn good and I couldn't even finish it. We had to make sure we had something to eat as after we both had an appointment at the tattoo parlour. I now have two new additions on my body (sorry, Mum!) but I'm so happy with them, it's been nearly two years since I got my last tattoo. The rest of the day was spent drinking juice, buying flowers and lounging around Suzie's flat. Next time she's coming up to London so I can show her around Upper St in Islington!

A few posts I've been loving recently is this one by From Roses, especially as not enough girls talk about pretty underwear. My good friend Jen also celebrated her first year in blogging, which was very exciting as that means we've been friends for just under a year now. 

I have a question too, if I were to start offering advertising on my blog, would you be interested in this?

Luce x