A Week in Five Photos #2

This week has been a good one, a little stressful but good. I'm currently sat in the middle of the countryside as I have came to visit my parents for a long weekend. It's good to get out of London every so often and it's arrived at a good time for me.

Last weekend Suzie came to stay with me, eat food and gossip. We had afternoon tea at Sketch with Antipodes, looking at their new mineral foundation, which was lovely. I had been wanting to go there for a while so I was super excited about it. Just look at the food, plus take a look at their strange toilets. It was then followed up with a reservation at Riding House Cafe, Suzie's favourite place. I went for the classic cheeseburger cooked medium rare and it was delicious. I couldn't even finish the whole burger as it was huge. 

At the end of last week, an underwear set arrived from Triangl, which I was super excited about. I choose the Lucie in Champagne Coral* which I can imagine will look amazing with a tan. I was stuck between an underwear set or a bikini but I doubt I will get enough use out of the bikini this summer. I went for size S in the top and size M in the bottoms, although I could have done with the bigger size in the top. It is so comfortable, I just want to wear it every day as it's so cute too. Now I think I need to buy a bikini, you know, in case I get a bit of sunshine…

So back to this weekend, I'm in the country enjoying some time with my parents and my dogs. You may see some photos from it soon, but I'm trying to have an internet free weekend to take some time off.

Luce x