Fuss Free Self Tanning

I've spoke about how much I love the original Clarins Self Tanning Lotion many times, well they now have a new little launch which has blown the lotion out of the water. The Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster* is the new one in town and it's the easiest self tanner ever.

I read about this early this year and just knew I needed to get my hands on it, as I always found that Clarins self tanners were always the best for me. It's not an extra step, no extra mess after your moisturiser. Simply add a few drops of it into your moisturiser, morning or evening, and apply to your face. I have been using it on the evening, simply doing my routine but once I've scooped out a little of my moisturiser (currently Perricone MD Nourishing Moisturiser), squeeze 4 drops onto it and apply to your face. 4 drops is perfect for first application, before topping it up every other night or so with two drops if you want to tan to continue. 

If I don't top up the tan throughout the week, the tan will last about 4 days and will wear more easily if I have exfoliated or using a face brush. But it's super simple and perfect for pale skin as it doesn't make you go orange. You're just left with a natural-looking tanned face as though you've spent a day or so in the sunshine. For £18, it will last you a long time as you need so little to achieve the tan you want.

Just remember to wash your hands as per usual, as this morning I've actually woken up with three orange fingers from where I applied the drops.

Luce x