Getting Organised

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Something I both love and hate is organising, whether it’s my room or blog or life. I get stressed if I go to sleep with a messy room (thanks to my very tidy parents) but I can easily become very unorganised with my blog. So early this month, I made a pact with myself that I just had to get organised and plan ahead. I’m not here to tell you how to organise things, but I am going to share my way of organising my blog.

Now I can’t get my head around how some bloggers are planned a month ahead of their posts. But I have set days which I try to post on (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) so I know that I have to have a post up on those days. It also gives me the freedom to post on other days if I want to put something up all of a sudden, or when I post my video on a Saturday, I can post a little update for my readers. I don’t stress if for some reason I can’t post on a certain day as it’s not my full time job.

As for writing the posts, that could take place after work on an evening, on my day off or when it’s quiet at work. I find that carrying my iPad Mini with me everywhere allows me to work on the go. If I don’t have wifi, I will just write in a document app, or if I do have internet, I will use the Squarespace app which is great for writing on. I schedule a week ahead of me, so that gives me a lot more freedom too. If I do then want to add an extra post, I can always add it to my days when I don’t usually post. Or if I know something has to be up by a particular day, I will change it around. That’s where my diary comes in, which I carry around with me everywhere. It’s just a soft backed diary from Muji but I can plan everything from my work days to posts to lunch meetings in there. When I write in my posts, I will always write in pencil as more often than not, they can be switched around.

When it comes to planning the posts, I write everything down in my Moleskine notebook. Every page is a different post and then at the back of it, I will keep a list of any other projects I’m working on at the time. I will title the page with what the post will be called (which also can be changed) before bullet pointing points I want to speak about. Whether that could include quotes, ingredients, how I want the photo to look or whatever, I will write it all down. I will also carry around a smaller notebook with me for when ideas suddenly come to my mind.

That’s where taking the photos comes into play, which is usually the last step for me. I take my photos in bulk, so I will have already planned the post before I take the photo. I will plan how I want it to look, but most of the time it all depends on how much light I have. All of my photos are taken in natural light and I’m thankful my room is lit very well. I will take them all at once, upload them onto my laptop before editing them either in Photoshop or Aperature.

Another thing I make sure I do is keep on top of my inbox. 80% of the time I reply to emails on my iPhone as I have it with me at all times and I can check that easily throughout work. Checking my emails on a regular basis ensures that I don’t miss out on anything which I might need to reply to. As I work full time, I can’t keep tweeting constantly too so I will schedule my tweets to keep Twitter updated with my new posts. I just put a little tag line along with a link to the post and schedule for throughout the day, focusing on the times which Twitter is the most active. I use the app and website Buffer, which is really good for scheduling as it also lets me see the analytics for the tweets I send.

I could keep on talking about what I do to stay inspired but I’ll save for that another post as this is very long now. I would just suggest to write everything down, literally every little point.

Luce x