A Week In Five Photos

I thought that instead of my usual Sunday post, every now and then I will show you my week through a set of five photos I have taken. I don't take as many photos as I used to, like when I studied photography at A Level and I really should do. I'd like to introduce a little more of my life into my blog, as it's not all just beauty.

One - I got my haircut on Thursday morning. I had it cut last about a month and a half ago so it was in need of a little trim. Rather than just taking the ends off, I let my hairdresser have a little play around and we took about another inch off. It comes to about my collarbone now and although it's taking some used to, I like the shorter look. I may let it grow out a little for the summer, but for me, my hair is always the most healthy when it's shorter.
Two - I've had the most beautiful bunch of purple tulips in my room for the past week. They've been sat on my coffee table near the window and they've really opened up. I really like having fresh flowers in my room now, it just adds a little something more. I think I want to add some more greenery to my little cactuses next.
Three - This week I have been trying out the Caudalie Divine Oil and Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Body SoufflĂ©. So far I am in love with them and my body has smelt divine this week. I have the Divine Legs there too which I can't wait to try out once the sunshine comes out. I'm ready to stop wearing tights now!
Four - I burnt the last of my tiny Jo Malone candles this weekend. This one here is Roasted Chestnut which makes my whole room smell incredible. I burnt it all the way down to the last little bit, but it's such a shame that the glasses are so small, they're a bit useless. I have a new mini candle sat waiting to be burnt, which my friend Kate bought me as a house warming gift. I have a current obsession with fig scents so I'm sure this will smell amazing.
Five - Another little gift Kate gave me was this little bowl. It's so cute and I really want some plates to match it, so I might have to make a trip to Oliver Bonas too. At the end of an event last week, we were all given a little bunch of lavender, which I thought was so cute. Although it's starting to dry out, I thought it was a nice little idea to place it in the bowl.

How was your week? Do you like these posts, as I will continue with them from now on?

Luce x