A Quick Cleanse

A Quick Cleanse.jpg

Now let's get something straight first, I'm not suggesting you to do this every night. But we all have times when we just need to get our make up off and get into bed - the nights when we've had one too many glasses of wine. Even if it's just a quick cleanse, I have to take my make up off as I always wake up with a spot!

I always, always remove my eye make up with the L'Oreal Micellar Sollution. It takes everything off within seconds and I cannot fault it. I have been itching to use the Garnier version, which I might pick up when this ruins out as the lid on the Garnier product is very similar to the original Bioderma. But to remove the bulk of your make up, soak a cotton pad in micellar water and sweep it off your face. Your skin may or may not feel a little tight after using that, which is why I will usually go in with a cream cleanser. The cleanser of choice recently has been the Clinique Cleansing Milk*. I would usually apply this is to my fingers, before rubbing it onto my skin and removing with a cotton pad. To top it all off, follow with a face oil before finally getting into bed.

This is not an every night sort of thing, maybe just a 4am Friday night sort of thing. If you are capable, please do try to cleanse properly, your skin will thank you. Either way, these are both two good products which will remove the bulk of your make up before going in with a proper cleanser. If my skin is feeling particularly parched, I will use the cleansing milk as it's super silky and hydrating.

Luce x