Things To Consider Along The Way

It's okay.jpg

Every now and then I will have someone ask me what my number one tip is to someone who is starting their blog. I'm no pro and I've only been blogging for nearly two years, compared to many other bloggers. But I've complied a list this past month, of some things to consider on your blog journey, whether you're a newbie or not.

  • Try to take your photos in natural lightening
  • Which leads me onto, edit your photos as little as possible. Maybe just adjust the curves and brightness (which I do)
  • Find your feet and post about whatever you want to
  • You don't need to post every day, don't force yourself to post because you feel pressured
  • Quality over quantity
  • You don't need to be buying new make up every week
  • It's okay not to have every new release
  • Not every product is going to suit your own skin
  • Don't take everything a blogger says as a fact, most of the time it's their own opinion
  • It's okay if you don't wear a full face of make up every day
  • Try not to focus on how many followers you're gaining, think of your blog as a business, it takes time to grow

Sometimes you need to take a step back from the whole blogging community and just look at it. It's a large community and can be quite daunting, but there is a space for every new blog. I feel quite overwhelmed by the whole thing at times.

Luce x