Skincare Highlights #7

I don't do skincare highlights on here as often as I used to and that's mainly down to me being very picky about what I'm using now. In the past few months, I got into a skincare rut and stuck to the products I knew were good and didn't use anything else. I'm now out of it and I'm happily using some new products.

First up is the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clearing Gel* which doesn't get used loads by me, but it works and I like that. I used to use the Origins Spot Gel but that didn't pack enough punch for me and this does it. I only get around one spot a month at 'that time of the month' so I've been picking this up to use. I had a few spots on my back recently, I applied this and they were gone within a few days. At £14 for 15ml, it's worth picking up if you're looking for a new spot treatment.
The second one has only been used for a week or so but I really like it. I know that I'm coming to the end of my current cleanser so I've been looking for a new daily cleanser. The Radical Hydrating Cleanser* has ticked all the boxes so far. It removes make up, except not super thick mascara (Benefit, I'm looking at you), but that's okay as I can use Bioderma beforehand. It will remove a light foundation and the rest of it, before cleansing and toning the skin. It's meant to be a 3 in 1 cleanser, I'm not too sure about that so I always follow with a toner just in case.
The toner of the moment is Pai Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Toner*. Firstly, it's a spray bottle which gives it major points in my books and is the reason why I've gone through half the bottle already. It's perfect for dry & sensitive skin, as it's alcohol free. I started to use this to see if it would help with redness, which I believe it does help with as it calms the skin. 
RMK isn't a brand I was too familiar with so starting with the skincare seemed like the best bet. The Recovery Gel* is an overnight treatment to help with hydration. One thing I will note is that I can't use this on it's own, as it's not enough hydration for my skin. But if you have combination skin and you liked the Origins Make A Difference Treatment, you could use it on it's own and will love it. I apply a thin layer as a serum onto the skin, massaging in the little capsules, before applying an oil over the top. That may be excessive but I like hydration…
A serum lotion hybrid product I have been using every day since it arrived is the Kiehl's Skin Rescue*. I remember reading about this on a few blogs and it seemed interesting, but never right for my skin. But then I was told I could use it as a serum and apply a moisturiser over the top, so I was sold. On yet another 'anti-redness' path, I tried this out which is targeted for stressed skin with an un-even skin tone, which is something I can sort of relate to. Either way, it's really nice and all skin types should be able to use this. This has rescued my skin through the change of season and has also improved the texture of my skin drastically, as it can become a little rough. This product deserves a whole post dedicated it to it.

What have you been loving recently?

Luce x