Are Beauty Videos For Me?

As you may or may not know, I started a YouTube video this year and have predominately been posting about beauty. I write a beauty blog so it made sense to include beauty videos alongside it. But the same as my blog, I knew it wasn't right and have wanted to include a little more lifestyle into the content. So I'm wondering whether beauty videos are right for me…

I watch more YouTube videos than TV shows and I love nothing more than watching some of my favourite videos on an evening. I have friends who are YouTubers and I admire them so much, because I know how much hard work they put into making their videos A* quality. There are a lot of expectations nowadays for such good quality videos now and I feel as though mine were lacking that, because I wasn't 100% passionate about them. I wanted them to be a reflection of my blog, but it never turned out to be right. I need to be 100% sure about something to follow it through till the end and I'm unsure about this hurdle.

I've been feeling the same about my blog, as much as I love beauty, it's not everything so I've been introducing a lot more lifestyle into it. So that's why I think lifestyle videos would fit me more. I'm not talking daily vlogs here because I have tried to walk down a street recording myself and it ain't that easy. But maybe a different take on a vlog, a follow me around video if I do something interesting. 

So now I ask you something, what videos do you like to see the most? 

Luce x