Brows @ Benefit

I’ve never had great brows, that was until about a week ago when I had them completely changed. When I was younger, I went a little tweezer happy and could never get them to look even. I eventually let them grow out before I was introduced to a brow pencil and then onto threading. I stuck with the routine of getting them threaded every two months and plucking in between appointments, but also filling them into most days. This was all before last week.

I was at an event in the Benefit store on Carnaby Street and in the last 15 minutes, I was sat down in a chair getting my brows sorted. They were tinted, waxed and then plucked into place. Now I have tinted my brows myself but I have never done it that well. They instantly looked fuller and as though I had them filled in. The next day at work, I told everyone who cared about eyebrows and even my sister was impressed by them. Since having them done, on a day to day basis I have just applied MAC Brow Gel over the top. On the evening when I have wanted them a little thicker or to sort the patchy areas out, I have been picking up the Clinique Brow Pencil in Soft Brunette which is the perfect for my brows now.

I think tinting the brows does so much for them, especially if like me, they can be a little patchy on the ends. The dye just picks up those little hairs and makes them appear thicker. As for waxing, I didn’t find it that bad compared to threading as with threading I’m practically crying by the end of it. I barely flinched when the wax was whipped off, so if a whimp like myself can stand it, anyone can. It was Laura from the store, the assistant to Lisa, the head make-up artist of Benefit who changed my brows and I’m no longer going anywhere else. Seriously, I’m already planning when I should book my next appointment.

Luce x