Cleansing Masks for Dry Skin

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Another post for all the ladies (or men) out there who have dry skin, but this time it's about cleansing masks. Just because we have dry skin doesn't mean we want to use a cleansing mask and get rid of those pesky blackheads, we also want to have that really clean feeling every now and then. But it's hard to find a mask that doesn't completely dry your skin out, but I've whittled down the ones I've tried and these are the ones I keep going back to. I will note that I don't use these masks all over my face, usually just on my chin and t-zone as it will completely suck moisture out of my cheeks.

An old classic for me, Origins is a brand I will always love and I've been using the Out of Trouble 10 Min Mask* for quite a few months now. A quick easy cleansing mask which will keep blemishes at bay, rid any excess oil and generally just suck any crap which is hiding in your pores. I don't leave this to try on my skin though, as my skin starts to tingle after a while and it freaks me out. But after about 5 minutes, I will wash it off and it has done the job. It's what I want and without completely drying my skin out.
One cult product is the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque, but does it really live up to what people say about it? Yes, I think it does and that's not me saying it just because I work for the brand (have I ever mentioned that before..). I have been using this mask before I even started to work there and I really like it. Now it's not going to hydrate your skin, so whoever started that rumour is lying, but it isn't going to completely strip your skin. I really like this one because I can apply it all over my face without my skin reacting to it. This is going to give your skin the boost it needs, almost as if you have been drinking those green juices every day.
If you're looking for a budget buy and a product which really works, look to Organic Surge for their First Class Face Mask*. This costs approx £8 and it will deliver results which are comparable to the other two masks mentioned. If I was on a budget but needed a mask, I would look here. Organic Surge is a brilliant brand with low brands and this mask doesn't disappoint. It's a deep cleansing mask which has been created for dry/dehydrated skin to give it the boost which it needs. There's no tight dry skin here after using it, which can be said about other masks.

Which cleansing mask is your favourite?

Luce x