Eyeshadow Combinations

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I go through phases with eyeshadow, one month I will be loving it but the next I won't be. This month I have been enjoying experimenting a little bit more with it. I'm not talking about blue eyeshadow, but mixing up a few of my favourite eyeshadows together. I like to stick with browny tones, sometimes with a little purple or green undertones to it as it makes my eye colour pop.

I have quite oily eyelids so a powder shadow will crease within an hour for me, so I tend to use a cream shadow underneath. A few go to shadows for me are from MAC as their paint pots are the best, but a lot of glitter cream shadows are great too. I'm prone to using a little shimmer/glitter every so often and then layering it with a matte shadow. 

A few combinations I like to use are Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow in Heather* all over the lid with a little of the matte light brown from the HD Brows Palette in Foxy*. By applying a taupe purple as a base and layering a matte brown on top, it all blends in really well and just adds a little depth to my eyes.
The second one I have been using is MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and then MAC Trax Eyeshadow over the top. Trax was one of my first ever MAC eyeshadows, which I stole off my sister, and still to this day I love it a lot. With a velvet finish, it's a deep purple with gold shimmer running through it in a marble effect.
Last but not least, these are two of my favourite eyeshadows altogether. Benefit Birthday Suit Cream Shadow as a base, which a shimmery light brown shade with a little of Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Khaki through the crease. If I don't have much time, I usually wear Birthday Suit on its own, and you can see how much I have used from the dent in the shadow. The Burberry eyeshadow was a total splurge a few months but I love it so so much. It matches my hazel green eyes perfectly and I quite like that as it compliments it well. 

Which eyeshadows do you use together? I may need to add a few more to my collection…

Luce x