The Bare Necessities


I have way too much make up for my one face and most days I usually stick to the same products. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my make up so if it can be done in 5 minutes, I'm all for it. 

There are a few products which I use every single day and I truly love and would recommend to everyone. You may have heard me talk about Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation a million times before, but this is now my third bottle of the stuff and that says a lot I think. It suits my dry skin perfectly, the colour is perfect too as it adds a little warmth to my skin without being orange. I use the shade 52 and I mix it with shade 53 for the summer and 51 for the winter. It has light to medium coverage and I only use one small pump of it for my face. 

For my brows, I'm not sure how I went this long without this product and I know that I will be repurchasing without a doubt. Hourglass Brow Sculptor in Soft Brunette was one of the best things I put onto my Christmas list this past year. The perfect ashy tone for my brows with a waxy texture which doesn't wear off throughout the day. On the other end, there is a very handy spoolie which is very handy, even though it does get a little gross if you don't clean it for a while.

There's no denying my love for this mascara, Benefit They're Real. I do still use other mascaras, but I come back to this time and time again. I have so many miniatures of the product, that I'm using those up before cracking open a new full size version. I wish I had an unlimited supply of this mascara so that I wasn't scared to use up. It lengths my lashes, adds thickness but doesn't clump them together and holds a curl for hours. Sometimes it can be a little tough to get off, but it's nothing that a good cleansing oil can't remove and it's off within seconds for me.

I don't go a day without wearing bronzer, even if I have fake tanned. My go to bronzer for months now has been Clarins Bronzing Duo. I use it with the Real Techniques Blush Brush as I find it to be the perfect size for bronzer and sculpting the face. By mixing the shades together, it becomes the perfect shade. If I pick up too much of the darker shade and don't blend properly, I do end up looking a little scary but that's what you get for doing your make up in the dark.

What's your bare necessities?

Luce x