Smelling Like Raspberries

I've spoke about how much I love The Body Shop Body Butters and I spoke in my last favourites how much I really love the almond scent. It makes me smell like Disaronno and I could lick myself, it makes me smell so good. But this is better, this is like jam.

The raspberry range is a new one at The Body Shop, including a body butter, body scrub, shower gel and a few more. I've been trialling the body butter* and scrub* these past few weeks and oh boy, they are good. If you want a super rich moisturiser for your body, the body butters are a go to. They're my absolute favourites and I usually stock pile whenever they are on sale. So far I have 3 more waiting to be opened, but I do go through one a month. 

The body scrub is the best part, in my opinion. It looks like raspberry jam with the little pip included, it looks good enough to eat but don't try it, as much as I was tempted. It's a wobbly jam texture and leaves you super smooth after having a good scrub. I like to apply this in the shower onto dry skin, before I step into the water, for a deeper scrub.

To like this, you have to be a fan of raspberries as it can linger for a little while after applied, but it's worth it. If not, there are many other scents to try, including shea butter which is a classic product!

Luce x