Currently Loving... #3

This week has been filled with a lot of writing, invoices, sleeping and work. In between those, I have been loving all these things, whether it has been just this week or not…

Orange Is The New Black is back and 90% of the country who pay for Netflix have been loving it. So much that my Netflix crashed the day after it was released and I couldn’t watch it for a few hours. If you haven’t watched it already, try it out as it’s hilarious and I laugh out loud whenever I watch it. As well as OITNB being back, Pretty Little Liars is back. I re-watched a few old episodes so that I was ready for it. So far, I have no words…

Very typical of me to say this, but I am loving the sunshine which is over London at the moment. I’m soaking up the vitamin D and topping my tan up. There’s no shame in liking the sunshine, you need vitamin D in your body and by sitting out in the sun is how you get it. On top of that I have been loving my blonder hair even more, I think it's because I have been curling it a little more and just enjoying it. 

I love miniature products. I also love MAC products. So when I saw these little miniature products of MAC pigments, I had to buy them. I always wanted to buy the normal size of the pigments but I knew I would never use it all up. This way I can try them out and see if it’s worth the money. If you’re near a Selfridges, they should be situated amongst the beauty products and look out for the mini strobe cream, that’s worth a purchase. Another make up product I have finally got to grips of is the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner which really does make a cat eye easy, finally. You all know how much I love the mascara so expect a full review soon.

I’m spending the weekend up North at home so I’ve stepped away from my laptop and left that in the city. I do have my iPad at hand but I’m too busy eating home cooked meals and cuddling my dogs.

What have you been loving lately? I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Luce x