5 More Things Which Make Me Happy

A few more things which made me happy this week...

  • Getting back into swimming. I've always been a strong swimmer and I really love it, so I've been going to the Olympic Aquatic Centre and I love it. Knowing I'm swimming that extra length in the Olympic pool has some sense of achievement attached to it.
  • Speaking to loved ones. Whether that means ringing my mum for a chat, meeting up with my sister or (attempting) to FaceTime my best friend.
  • Buying fresh flowers and burning a new candle. The tiniest things but fresh flowers just brighten up a room and burning a candle for the first time smells amazing.
  • Getting excited for my 21st birthday in September. I'm not a huge birthday person but I always get excited for them. This time it's a big one and even though I'm not doing anything big, I'm looking forward to it.
  • Speaking to someone at work who reads my blogs and loves it. I sometimes bump into one of my lovely readers and hearing that someone actually enjoys my rambles makes me so incredibly happy.

What made you happy this week?

Luce x