Five Things To Be Happy About This Week

5 Reasons To Be Happy.jpg

Sometimes it's nice to appreciate the little things which have been making you happy. I can sometimes be a little negative, as I tend to complain about nothing but when good things happen, it's good to share. So this week there has been five things which made me quite happy...

One - This week I'm booking a holiday for August and you have no idea how excited I am. I haven't been on holiday for a few summers now, my last destination was Marrakech before I started University. I'm going to be spending a week in Sicily on my own and some people are surprised that I'm going on my own, but I like my own company and I will get to do whatever I want. I brought my old Olympus film camera back to London to get it back working for my holiday!

Two - It was confirmed a few days ago that I'm moving in with one of my close friends, Kate. We had spoke about it a few times and then a few things happy, by the next week we had arranged all of this. I move in four weeks and I am very excited, it's in such a beautiful area of London so I'm sure you will see some of it on here.

Three - I've finally perfected a banana bread recipe. I've been testing it a few times over the past week and this weekends loaf was absolutely perfect. It's one of my favourite things to eat, as well as it being gluten free and having little dairy, it's making my stomach very happy.

Four - I ran my first 10k run outside since the Nike We Own The Night a month or so ago. That run made me hate running a little but as soon as the sunshine has came out, I've been enjoying it again. When my Nike Running App told me I had ran 10k without realising, I was one happy lady.

Five - Being content and happy, again. I haven't felt 'content' in a long time and it never bothered me too much but after getting a few negative factors out my life, I realised it was a big thing. Now I have a lot to look forward to and have been spending a lot of time with friends and family. I saw my best friend last weekend, I had breakfast with my sister, I went on a date in the morning and it was surprisingly fun (I'm not a morning person). In a few weeks, my mum is coming to London and then I'm going home for a few more days so I'm counting down the days until I see countryside again.

What made you happy this week?

Luce x