Streamlining Beauty Products

Clearing out.jpg

I love watching people's make up collections, some of them I watch and think 'why on earth do you need all of that' and then others I think 'you have a brilliant collection'. Since I'm moving in a few weeks, I've been starting to sort out things and my first hurdle was all of my beauty products. Currently I have a small IKEA Alex drawer which is full of it and I never thought I had much until I emptied. I keep all of the make up I use at the front of the drawers and pretty much all of the skincare in a box on top of the drawers. I grabbed a bin liner and got to work. This image shows only the amount of nail polishes I passed onto my current housemates, the rest has gone to family/friends or in the bin. Here are some things I thought of when going through it all -

  • If you haven't used it in 3 months, bin it as you mostly like have forgotten about it
  • If you've had all those mascaras for more than 3 months, those too can go into the bin for hygienic reasons. Same goes for eyeliners!
  • Think about how your make up style has changed and clear out anything left behind
  • You don't need 10 variations of a nude (or any) lipstick - pick your favourites and pass along the rest
  • Are you ever going to wear those brightly coloured eyeshadows again? No? Pass to younger members of the family
  • Think about how long you have owned the product and look at how many months they last on the label
  • Have a one in, one out system and stick to it

I'm now down to only have one foundation to every category (a lot less than I had) and a lot less of everything. Now I may or may not be planning a make up collection video once I'm all settled in my new flat...

What do you do when you're streamlining your beauty products?

Luce x