5 Reasons To Love Blogging

Photo credit - Pinterest

Photo credit - Pinterest

1. You can make some amazing friends. In the two years I have been blogging I have met some amazing friends, some of them I have drifted away from and some I still live a lot. If it wasn't because of blogging, I wouldn't have met my best friend and my new flatmate (come next week). In the beauty blogging community, everyone is very similar and everyone has the same interests. Get talking to people on Twitter and you never know who you will end up friends with.

2. You have the ability to be as creative as you wish. Your blog is your place on the internet in which you can post whatever you want. You're the editor and you can create whatever content you wish. Go crazy and create some amazing posts. 

3. You have something you have created yourself to be proud of. Now I know there are more in life to be proud of such as having your own business to owning a house to having a child, but I know that in am very proud of my blog. It's a little space on the internet what people read and enjoy, now that is amazing to me and makes me very proud.

4. You have the ability to explore skills you never knew you had. I've always had blogs since I was a young teen so it was natural for me to start this one. I always loved taking photographs and that continued through my photography A Level, however I never knew I loved writing until I really got into blogging. Ask my English Language A Level teachers, they will tell you I was never that great but somehow now I really love writing and can class it as part of my job now.

5. You're able to document your life and share it with the world. This is one of the maim reasons why I'm now posting a lot more lifestyle to share more of my life. Sometimes family members who I don't speak to that often read my blog to catch up with me and not all of them care about the latest lipstick.  

What do you love about blogging?

Luce x