10 Things I Blog With

In the past two years, I've acquired a few things which I use everyday, whether it's for blogging or just in general life. All of these things help me massively for blogging, but that doesn't mean that everyone needs them.

  1. Macbook Pro - I've had my Macbook for over a year and I don't know what I did before it. I started my blog using an old laptop and this was a Christmas present as I was due an upgrade. By no means do you need a Macbook but I'm an Apple type of girl and it has helped me loads.
  2. Aperture - This is the main editing app which I use, as I import all of my photographs into here and edit as I go. It's the same as all other editing apps, although this one is only for Mac, I believe.
  3. Photoshop - Every now and then Aperture doesn't cut it, so that's where Photoshop comes in. After over 4 years of using it, even through studying creative courses, I'm no pro and still get stuck with it. But it helps with a few touches I may need to do and I also create all my 'wishlist' style posts on here.
  4. Squarespace - Squarespace is what my blog is hosted on, just like Blogger or Wordpress. I made the switch earlier this year and I'm glad I did as I love it a lot. I liked Blogger but I was never completely happy and Wordpress was too complicated for my liking. 
  5. Nikon D3000 + 50mm Lens - My beloved camera has been through a lot with me. This camera is nearly 6 years old and it has certainly served it's purpose. It was a Christmas present long ago when I was in the middle of my Art GCSE and then onto Photography A Level. Hopefully by the end of this year, I will have upgraded as it's lacking video options. It was only last year when I started to use a 50mm lens and I wouldn't use anything else now. I'm tempted by a 40mm lens but we'll see, so far I'm happy.
  6. Canon EOS M - If you've watched any of my vlogs, this is the camera which everything has been filmed on. It's actually my sisters camera but she only uses it when she's out of the country, so thankfully I can use it most of the time. If I'm heading out for the day to Brighton or vlogging something, this comes along with me. It's a good starter camera as it has a detachable lens, however for carrying around everywhere it can be a little heavy. Maybe one day soon my dream of owning a GoPro will come true!
  7. Tripod - Self explanatory but how did I take photos of myself before this? A lot of time and effort, that's how. I keep mine up and tilted in a corner for whenever I need to use it. They're cheap from Amazon and I think everyone should own one, or two.
  8. iMovie/Final Cut Pro - For the odd times I put a video up, I will use iMovie to edit my videos as it comes programmed onto a Mac and is very simple. I have been teaching myself how to use Final Cut Pro recently and even though it's the bane of my life, it has a few extras which iMovie was lacking.
  9. Bluetac - Last week I lost my ball of Bluetac and I wasn't sure what to do. This is every bloggers secret. How else are we meant to stop products from rolling around on the floor? A tiny piece of bluetac on the back of a product will help a lot.
  10. iPad Mini - I didn't think of this one at first but when I'm at home or on the go, I blog on my iPad quite a lot. Squarespace has a really good app to write and edit on which is very handy. 

What do you blog with?

Luce x