Things To Consider When Taking Photos

Things to consider photo.jpg

I'm by no means an expert when it comes to taking photographs. I've had the same camera for 5 years so I know it well and it has seen me through a few creative qualifications. If I could take just one thing away from my photography A Level is that it's that I still can't use Photoshop properly. So along the way, there are a few things which I always consider when taking photos, as the visuals are important to me.

  • Natural lighting is always best - many bloggers use ring lights/studio lights and often more than not,  it's too bright. Get up an hour early, position yourself in front of a window and snao away. 
  • Don't over edit - this comes second to lightning, as if the lights are right, the photo should be good quality and therefore no need to change too much about it. I've found that some of the best photos I have taken needed no editing whatsoever.
  • If you do need to edit, edit the curves first - messing about the curves a little can change the photo a lot. I usually start with that before adjusting the white balance and brightness slightly. 
  • Think about the background - is the background aesthetically pleasing? Do you really need that dirty make up brush in the background? I find that simply using a white background and adding textures/layers in can make a whole lot of difference.
  • Composition - you don't want things to be off center, so place your products carefully and take photos of them in various positions.
  • Bluetac will be your best friend - put a tiny bit on the back and it will stop that lipstick from rolling around in shot.
  • Take inspiration but don't copy - it's the same with a lot of things, you can take inspiration from a photograph but don't copy it. Make it your own by completely re-doing it, don't just add your own touch. 

I learn a lot through trial and error and if you look at my early photos, you will see how much they have developed and still to this day, I make mistakes.

What is your top tip for photos?

Luce x