The Beauty Blender Rocks

So I've been applying my foundation with a beauty blender most days and it absolutely rocks! If I'm not using this, I will be using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and as much as I love it, it can make my a little cake looking.

So the Beauty Blender* arrived in the latest Birchbox and after wanting to try it for ages, I finally did and I've been won over. If you don't know how to use the beauty blender, you run it underneath water and once you squeeze out the excess water, it pretty much doubles in size. I put a few drops of foundation on the back of my hand, dap the beauty blender in it and then start applying it to my face. It's a strange way of applying foundation, but the finish does it all for me. I'm not left with foundation clinging to dry patches at all. I find that it makes the coverage of the foundation a little heavier but it still looks very natural and as if you have very little on. 

Have you tried it out before?

Luce x